Apple Maps now show you where to get vaccinated in the US

Following a similar move by Google and Facebook, Apple Maps now makes it easy to see where you can get vaccinated.

Apple built the feature into its maps using VaccineFinder, an online Boston Children’s Hospital tool.  You can open up Maps and tap the ‘COVID-19 Vaccines‘. Alternatively, you can ask Siri, “where can I get a COVID vaccination?.”


Tap on a suitable location, and you’ll be able to see operating hours, addresses, phone numbers, and a link to where you can sign up. And as before, Apple Maps still includes information on COVID-19 testing sites and modified business hours due to lockdowns.

So far, the feature includes 20,000 locations, but Apple says it will be adding more sites “in the coming weeks.” Although Apple is currently relying on VaccineFinder, it notes that providers can submit their info at its Business Register page.

It’s a small but significant move — the sooner most of us get vaccinated, the sooner we can leave this pandemic behind.

Apple Maps now show you where to get vaccinated in the US

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