Apple, Netflix, WarnerMedia, and LinkedIn pull out of SXSW appearances

Apple is pulling out of SXSW due to the coronavirus outbreak. Facebook, Twitter, Amazon Studios, and a few others are also not attending the SXSW conference due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Variety corroborates Apple’s withdrawal from the event. Apple did not respond to a request for comment as of now.

It was also reported that Netflix is also backing out of SXSW. Netflix has canceled a panel and five film screenings. The WarnerMedia, which owns HBO, CNN, Warner Bros. Pictures, and much more, is also backing out of the SXSW, saying that it “has decided it best not to move forward with activations at SXSW.” LinkedIn is also withdrawing from SXSW as well, according to Adweek’s Scott Nover.

Apple’s events at SXSW included a world premiere of Spike Jonze’s Beastie Boys Story, an animated musical series called Central Park, and a documentary series called Home. The premieres, as well as a talk featuring Little America creators Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon, have been canceled, Variety reports.

Many big companies and organizations have already announced that they will no longer be attending the conference, which is scheduled to take place from March 13th to March 22nd. Yet the show will proceed as planned, for now, Austin public health officials said on Wednesday.

“It’s important for us to remember at this stage that we’re actively evaluating mass gatherings on a daily basis,” Mark Escott, the interim medical director and health authority for Austin Public Health, said at the press conference, according to CNN. “Right now there’s no evidence that closing South by Southwest or other activities is going to make this community safer. We’re constantly monitoring that situation.”

On Monday, SXSW updated its site with a page dedicated to questions about coronavirus’s impact on the event and tips to prevent the spread of the disease. “Safety is a top priority for SXSW,” says a statement on the page. “Currently, we are taking the following actions on-site: provision of disinfectant wipes and spray, hand sanitizer for common area spaces and activity spaces, microphone wipe downs, the inclusion of Austin Public Health Disease Prevention literature, outreach to all meeting spaces, venues, and hotels.”


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