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Apple WWDC 2017: Highlights That You Should Know

The biggest and latest event of the year Apple, WWDC 2017 was held on 06th June 2017 with all the latest updates about various different Apple products. ‘And it has been 15 years since Apple held its conference in San Jose’, says Tim Cook who also joined the stage to announce the updates.

The Worldwide Developers Conference had uncovered newer and latest versions many Apple and iOS products. There was a large pool of Apple app developers from all over the world who came in for the conference.

Following are the updates that the world has been waiting from Apple. We will share an overview of all the product update in the article.

Apple WWDC 2017 Key Announcements:

1. Apple watchOS 4

apple watch

Apple smartwatch has been the number one and the newest version of Apple wearable device is watchOS 4. Siri has been made more proactive with the new update. Music and fitness come to your wrist as new fitness controls are added with other features like meeting updates, reminders, maps and much more.

2. iMac Pro


Apple introduced the iMac Pro. The very latest iMac Pro ‘seriously badass, as said by Tim Cook’- it is a dark gray 27 inch iMac which is intended for highly professional graphics designers. It has a Xeon processor and 18 cores, which is priced around $4,999 and will be available from December this year. It is said to be the most powerful MacBook Apple has ever made.

3. Refreshed and Revised iMac Line


Updates and uplifting for the whole iMac line. They will now have a faster and better processor, increased memory and enhanced displays. Now iMac will be able to support VR content creators and have improved graphics hardware. They will be priced between $1099 for 21 inches and $1799 for 27 inches.

4. iOS Version 11


Tim Cook took the stage to announce the latest version of operating system iOS 11 with improved SIRI. SIRI will now be able to support language translation and many other advanced task management with improved speech. With better low light settings and live picture editing capturing photographs will improve.

5. The surprise ARKit


Trying to catch up with competitors like Google, the buzzing talk of Apple WWDC 2017 was a tool named as ARKit which promises better augmented reality apps.  It will make developers happier as it will be the largest AR platform in the world.

6. Launch of Apple iPad Pro

ipad pro

Next in line was iPad Pro, a 10.5 inch iPad which is available at a price of $649 and available in three different sizes. It has supports USB 3.0, 12-megapixel camera with 7-megapixel selfie camera and has a long 10 hours of battery life. IT is a new feature named MotionPro which will update the content at a rate of 120 times per second.

7. Unveiling of HomePod


Apple has announced a revolution in home music with HomePod which is also a musicologist, it is little than 7-inch-tall with customized Apple woofers and controlled by an Apple A8 chip and cherry on top it is Siri controlled. It is priced at $349.

8. High Sierra, Updated version of macOS



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The latest version for macOS is named as High Sierra, it is the polished form of last year’s update. It can now auto-play videos, updated Safari which helps to block site trackers and latest photo editing and filtering tools tool.

So overall the Apple WWDC 2017 was a successful event with a lot of new and latest versions and additions to the existing iOS world. Apple is any way the number one be it- wearable, iMac, iPad, augmented reality app, you just name it and Apple has it.

Checkout Apple WWDC 2017 PPT:

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