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Best iPhone Security Apps Apps Top 

Top 5 Best iPhone Security Apps you Should Use

These iPhone security apps will help keep iOS and your apps safe from hackers! What is more painful and hurtful than losing the phone data that you have collected and stored over such a long period? The emotion transitions towards intense anxiety followed by paranoia when your iPhone is linked with accounts holding crucial personal data such as bank details, email credentials, and other passwords. If not that, it holds a gallery full of videos and images that can be manipulated. Keeping the paranoia aside, you lose records of pictures…

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App Reviews Apps 

6 Places to Read App Reviews Before you Press the Download Button

In today’s digital era, smart devices have the power to shape our lives like never before. People rely on their mobile devices to perform everyday tasks pertaining to all aspects of their lives; including ordering food, internet banking, travel reservations and much more. But to accomplish these tasks smoothly, you should have access to various mobile apps that serve each of these needs. According to statistics, in 2017, a staggering 269 billion apps will be available online. Analysts have predicted that by 2024, 42% of UK’s retail sales will involve…

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10 of the Best Productivity Apps for Salespeople Apps 

10 Productivity Apps that Every Salespeople Must Have

Apps like these are game changers to productivity as it will help them stay on top of things and as technology and productivity apps category get deeper. “What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done” –Tim O’ Reilly Without a doubt, salespeople are some of the busiest persons in the corporate world. They are perpetually on the go. It is either they are meeting prospective clients, breaking a potential sale, flying out to give a slide presentation, running to a team training—these are…

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Android Instant Apps Android Apps Google 

How to use Android Instant Apps

In the year 2016, at the Google I/O, they’ve announced a new feature that will be rolling out to Android devices, called Android Instant apps. The concept is somewhat similar to what the Nextbit Robin phone offered; you’ll be able to use or try the app interface even without installing it. The Instant Apps allows you to access the cloud-based version of the original app on your Android device, even if you haven’t installed the full app from the Google Play Store. This way you can try the app for…

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Android and iPhone Apps Apps Business 

Take a Look at Android and iPhone Apps to Make Professional Life Easy

Running a business involves wearing a lot of hats and to make your life a bit easy, have a look at some amazing Android and iPhone apps. If you are an entrepreneur and your business does not have a well-developed app, then it is high time to get one. This is because smartphone applications play a pivotal role in doing things in an effective manner. Whether you are looking forward to keep a track of an upcoming business trip or looking forward to share notes with colleagues, then apps can…

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Financial Apps for Android Apps 

Best Among the Financial Apps for Android

  Financial apps offer personalized, convenient  ways to  manage finances, allowing you to do services like paying bills, keeping an eye on account balances. More and more consumers are turning their interest in digital technology to make services easier day by day. The consumers are searching for newer ways to manage their finances. The financial apps for Android are offered as the right mix of convenience, speed and personalization. There are tasks that we do daily and quite often we need to be reminded about paying bills, keeping an eye…

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events Apps 

Benefitting Events with Mobile Apps

The app development agencies often resort to hosting events as a successful mobile app development strategy. Almost 18 % of marketing companies devote most of their budget towards events. Event Marketing can be quite a difficult task. It can be chaotic, frenzied and intense at times and sometimes a totally thankless job. The upcoming events may sound absolutely sound, when the agenda is fixed, the venue is located and the speakers signed up. But, still there is one task that needs to be taken care is to make sure that the…

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Disappearing Mobile Apps In 2016 Apps 

The Trend of Disappearing Mobile Apps In 2016

We see an incredible number of mobile apps for a startup, across all segments in this era of mobile phones. Millions of mobile apps are placed in the App Stores. There is a constant effort for creating a mobile app, so as to increase customer engagement. However, there are many startups that get launched and at a later stage finds it extremely difficult to discover these apps and also download these apps from the App Store. Due to lacking number of user base, most of these mobile apps faced only…

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Android Apps Android Apps 

Top 10 Free Android Apps to Make Your Life Simple

Apps have made the mobile phone functionality more easy and accessible. Now you can get one app for any of your work easily. Today different apps are available for almost any task like from calendar apps to most advanced features like browsing, to clean android device etc. These apps help you improve your device speed and performance. There are a lot of apps available to perform tasks on your smartphone. Let’s discuss tap 10 free Android apps to make your life simple. 1. Offline App Offline Browser: You can use…

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Business Chat Apps Apps Business 

9 Best Business Chat Apps to Perfect cross-border Team Communication

With so many business chat apps available at finger tips, business productivity should be at an all time high right? However, if a recent report of Project Management Institute is to be relied, at least 60% of projects all around the world have schedule and cost overruns as a result of poor communication. What happened to e-mails and meetings? Truth be told, emails have long lived their welcome stay? They are too many in number (Radicati Group estimates 40+ in a day), difficult to keep track of and do not…

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