How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Digital Marketing?

We are in the digital era. Right? Check out these 5 areas of Artificial Intelligence [AI] that can transform your digital marketing strategy.

How Artificial Intelligence can Transform Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence has penetrated almost in all industries: from mechanical engineering to information technologies. It’s not a surprise that AI is also transforming digital marketing at extreme speed.

Most users do not even notice the presence of AI in everyday life, while its real influence is tremendous. AI enhances the productivity of various processes, which are connected with the searching and analysis of big amounts of data. Here are a few areas that Artificial Intelligence can transform Digital Marketing.

1. Analysis of Consumer Insights

AI is able to analyze all users’ completed actions and define their preferences. For example, Instagram uses this technology to customize an Explore Page. AI researches the browsing history, as well as liked, shared and saved posts and finds the most relevant trending photos and videos to show them to the users.

To complete this task, the software performs facial scanning, text analytics, and machine learning. Everything seems to be too complex in theory, but it takes just a few seconds in practice.

AI works effectively when preferences of the target audience do not fully correspond with the demographic characteristics. For example, it helps to advertise baby stuff to young mothers and sexy dresses to party girls, even if target audiences for both products consist of 24-29 years old females from Oregon.

In this way, Instagram showcases the sponsored posts to the target audience in an unobtrusive way. Thanking this AI technology, irrelevant ads don’t distract and irritate the social media users.


2. Users’ Experience Improvement

Social media users want to get relevant information in a simple and effortless way, and AI makes it possible. Advanced technologies can scan the interests of every single user and match them with the recent tagged publications.

For instance, Instagram is able to organize new suggested content in a comfy way and displays it at the top of Explore Page. Today, trending posts are brought into the following categories: Science & Tech, Food, Humor, TV & Movies, Beauty, Décor, Style, DIY, Sports, Travel, Nature, Art, Comics, Fitness, Animals. Every user can enjoy browsing content collection created especially for him.

Thanking this AI algorithm, people start using the app more intensively: they just can’t stop browsing feed, because every piece of content is extremely engaging and informative. Modern people are spending more and more time checking new posts and, consequently, they are watching more ads.


3. ChatBots Revolution

The marketers and IT experts joined their efforts and create chatbots – software applications, which can be incorporated into the popular communication channels in order to improve the customer service. Companies can add them to the Facebook Messenger, Skype, landing page, app and other platforms.

Today, chatbots is a brand new way to reach the clients.“Conversational agents” benefit business helping to create a great first touchpoint experience and obtain the sales leads.

Chatbots work more productive than humans because they can provide support 24/7 and text few people simultaneously. It means that clients can forget about waiting in lines – they can get their answers right here and right now.

Using artificial intelligence algorithms, it is possible to define a typical problem and provide users with an effective solution in a few seconds. Robotic “conversational agents” can cope with the various tasks: order placement, dispute resolving, feedback receiving, meeting assignment, etc. There is no room for a doubt, that this software brings the customer service to entirely new heights.


4. Predictive Marketing

Artificial Intelligence fundamentally changes the approach to the marketing. It helps to forecast the customers’ preferences, likes and dislikes with an absolute accuracy.

In other words, an online bookstore can predict, which novel you will read next, long before you will make a choice. For instance, Amazon offers users to take a look at “Inspired by your browsing history” book choices. And at least 5% of customers decide to make a purchase.

To make this strategy work effectively, Amazon applies AI technology to analyze various kinds of data, which is collected not only from its own website but also from the outside sources. In fact, Amazon also has access to the closed information such as users’ social media activity and offline purchasing behavior.

5. Cyber Attack Prevention

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest current global challenges. Thousands of experts from all over the world try to fight with the cyber-terrorists, but they would never be able to handle this problem without AI technologies.

Today, Artificial Intelligence is the only way to find a 100% effective solution. The machine learning algorithm will help to predict the behavior of the hackers and cyber criminals and reflect the further attacks.

IT experts are working on the development of the machine learning-based malware scanning, which will be qualitatively different than standard antivirus software. Instead of defining concrete viruses in the network, it will look for the particular characteristics of malware. This approach will be more flexible: antivirus protects PC only from the known malware, and AI technology will be able to detect the most dangerous modified versions of the viruses. 

Digital market urgently needs such kind of protection, because, in case of a cyber attack, the company can be lost its brand image and reputation. Moreover, it’s important to protect customers’ data from the theft, because it can ruin a business.

In conclusion

Power of AI is mind-blowing, and it’s transforming the digital marketing day by day. Currently, it helps thousands of marketers to analyze huge amounts of data and discover new methods of targeting, advertising and customer services improvement.

Nowadays, advanced machines and technologies significantly enhance the digital marketing, and this trend will continue in the future. So, you should keep track of AI development and stay open to new fantastic opportunities.

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AI Is Transforming Digital Marketing

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