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Developer AppDev WebDev 

Proven Tips to Become a Successful Developer

App development companies are growing in number, which is a reason for developer to sharpen their coding skills. This could help them acquire influential position in the top companies. Moreover, the ongoing demand of newer technologies including IoT and AR, VR techniques have created a never ending demand of the developers in the related sector. As the requirements of the jobs are increasing, versed professionals are required to fill the positions. And, for the same reason there is no other way than to learn the codes to be a professional…

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IoT IoT Technology 

Creating an Internet of Things (IoT) Strategy

It is estimated that by 2020, around 50 billion devices around the globe will get connected through the internet. The products and services will be generating $ 300 billion in revenue. Out of all these connected devices only a one-third amount will be computers, smartphones, TVs and tablets. The remaining devices will be sensors, actuators and other types of “intelligent” devices, monitoring, controlling, analyzing and optimizing our world. The arrival of the Internet of Things (IoT) is comparative to the transformative effect that the PC had on the economy. IoT…

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Mobility Solutions Mobile Technology 

What are the Key Trends of Field Service Mobility Solutions

The success of a field service technician lies in the fact that the field technician located at a remote location have an access to the right information, and at the right point in time, without causing any delays, whatsoever. In fact, the role of the field technician is not limited to installation and subsequently repairing the products. This in other words means that the technician acts as an extension of the sales force, which will impact the customer service level, thereby bringing about an increase in the revenue earned for…

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Working Together With a Combination of AI and AR

We have seen a proliferation of smartphones over the last few years. The smartphones let you be in touch with your friends, family and business associates but also perform other useful daily activities like checking emails, playing games and maintaining the calendar. When the same devices are integrated with technologies like that of AI or AR, these will transform into objects that will help us to take decisions and also making decisions on our behalf. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) are technologies based on science fiction dreams, which…

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Mobile App Strategies in 2017 AppDev 

Cohesive Mobile App Strategies in 2018

The mobile apps have evolved over the years as an absolute necessity for the businesses, not only to ride over the competition but also helping to elevate the performance and productivity of the workforce. According to the Federation of Small Businesses, only a small percentage of the SMEs actually views the apps as useful because the small businesses lack the understanding in how the apps can be used in an effective manner for the purpose of business promotion. They also find the apps quite expensive to build and a time-consuming…

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IoT IoT Technology 

Ways in which IoT is Changing the World

One of the greatest hypes in technology in the present times is brought about by the Internet of Things. We are about to enter into a future that is extremely connected and the expectations from the Internet of Things based devices are too high, as of now. Although, we are already seeing the effects of the Internet of Things based devices, we are yet to see the near-ubiquitous device connectivity and its trans formative effects. There are many technologies that are evolving around IoT and we find their applications across…

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App Development Mobile 

Mobile Apps Changing App Development Scenario

These days, mobile devices are undeniably important in the daily lives of a large number of people and mobiles have completely changed the way businesses work and thus, are now catering to such device. Apart from smartphones, laptops and tablets are being widely preferred and as a result, mobile apps are reaching new height. On the other hand, it is seen that several enterprises are in the search of the most trustworthy mobile app development partner for mobile apps for Android as well as iPhone devices. With speed as a…

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Taxi-App Industry Mobile Technology 

Top 5 Reasons the Taxi-App Industry is Flourishing!

With the world striving towards digitalization of almost every aspect of human life; newer technologies are being developed on a daily basis. With the advent of the smartphones, a human being has access to all the corners of the world. With a simple touch, you can eat your favorite cuisine to travel anywhere you like. It has all become very simple, thanks to our scientists who are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to providing ease of use and access to the customers. Now whenever you are stuck in…

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on-demand delivery mobile app Mobile Technology 

What is the Cost of an On-Demand Delivery Mobile App?

We all have learnt by heart the success stories of startups like Airbnb, Uber, Foodpanda etc. One thing is common between all these startups; they all work with a single aim – to deliver door-to-door and on-demand services to people across the globe. Since last few years, on-demand delivery apps have been the center of attraction. Right from ride booking to food ordering, everything is on your finger tips. This article is much about on-demand delivery app development and how does the cost vary if additional features are added to…

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iPhone developers Mobile Technology 

How Can iPhone Developers Reduce Their App Size?

Have too many apps but not enough storage space on your phone? A common problem faced by all iPhone users is lack of storage space. Downloading applications can take up a huge chunk of your space and slow down the performance of your phone. Gamers would be familiar with this problem as games generally take up the lion’s share of any phone. Add to that internal storage constraints and you’ve got a problem. For developers looking to solve this problem, App Thinning is your best bet. App Thinning is the…

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