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Wearables & Driver-Less Mode: The Future Is Calling

Technology is the main benefactor of revolution. And it’s never been as real as ever before. Over the past few years, IOT or the Internet of Things have led to many futuristic innovations and tech breakthroughs such as virtual reality, wearables, and driverless cars to name a few. With Tech giants presenting newer and better version of each technology, the Wearable Convergence Technology conference in San Francisco this year highlighted on how enterprise organization play a critical role in main stream adoption of wearable devices, and also an ambitious future…

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App Development AppDev 

Major Aspects to Follow Before You Go for App Development

Today, enterprises, organizations, individuals and many other have identified apps a medium to extend their reach to the masses they are going to woo. The major reason behind this is the convenience their audience looks for and if something that users need is available at a few taps away then why not they will embrace it. Therefore, those who dream to get success through an app and want to serve their distinct purposes jump into app development without taking a note of a few major aspects linked with app development….

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