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7 Common Concerns for SEO Newcomers to Drive Business Success

New businesses are emerging every day, yet some of them will choose to never implement search engine optimization (SEO). There are currently millions of businesses that do rely on SEO and countless studies that outline its advantages. Why are there still so many businesses that avoid SEO altogether? There are actually several different reasons why a business owner might choose to avoid SEO. In most cases, the business owner will have a strong negative opinion or concern. That concern not only keeps them from implementing SEO, but also from learning…

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Blockchain Digital Marketing Technology 

Blockchain, Smart Contracts & The Future Of Digital Marketing

The transparent nature of blockchain data will allow companies and customers alike to feel more secure. Today, the advertising industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry. According to Forrester, a market research firm, digital marketing expenditures in the US are on course to reach levels close to $120 billion by the year 2021. It’s no wonder that companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google collect information about their consumers continuously. However, bots generate about half of all the ad traffic. Brands spend a lot of money to reach potential customers, but this…

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