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6 Successful Business People of 21st Century

The 21st century is being populated by a large number of leaders and successful business people so far. They are so many that it is hard to make a list with them without leaving some remarkable names behind. But here are 6 names that you probably have heard and the lessons you can learn from them – so it might inspire you to follow their example. 1 – Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook “I think a simple rule of business is, if you do the things that are easier first, then…

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Google Analytics Content Marketing SEO 

How to Use Google Analytics to Shape Your Content Marketing Strategy

Big data is a wonderful thing. It’s given us amazing insights into how we can market out content better. The only problem is that these revelations are coming so quickly that if you don’t use them you’re going to end up stumbling around directionless in the dark, even while everybody else use what they’re learning to laser in on the right strategy. And then they’ll leave you behind as they shoot for the stars. That’s really not a situation you want to find yourself in. For that reason, make certain…

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Local SEO Business SEO Social Media 

Local SEO: How to Rank Your Local Business

Search Engine Optimization is a major part of marketing efforts for most companies. Most of these strategies are built around tackling the whole internet, and not just your little section of it. If you have a local business, chances are you don’t care if people 2000 miles away know you exist (unless they’re visiting sometime soon!) you just care that local residents can find you. One of the best ways for residents to find you, is through local search on Google. It’s the type of search where a map of…

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