Boost Your Earning Potential in Just One Hour with AWS Cloud Essentials Course

TLDR: For $12.99, this one-hour crash course covering AWS Cloud Essentials is the training needed to effectively manage AWS systems and pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.

The current state of our world is changing from hour to hour. And in light of fundamental shifts we’ve seen and will likely continue to see, the more you can do to protect yourself and your livelihood, the better.

Thousands of workers have lost their jobs in the past few weeks, and one Federal Reserve official estimates the U.S. unemployment rate could reach 30% by this summer. With that many people looking for work, the competition will be fierce for the most coveted jobs — and those positions will likely go to those with the most sterling package of credentials, including professional certifications.

With average salaries in the six figures, cloud architects and administrators need to have the vital certifications for working in the cloud environment, particularly industry giant Amazon Web Services (AWS). Right now, you can take a one-hour crash course that will put you in a position to pass AWS’ coveted certification exams with the training in the AWS Cloud Essentials Course. It’s just $12.99 (over 90% off) right now for Techlofy Shop.

This 2-in-1 course including both AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials and AWS Technical Essentials training can help both interested newcomers and seasoned network techs cover all the necessary information to understand how to operate on the AWS platform.

Taught by 25-year IT industry veteran and author Tom Carpenter, this course uncovers AWS terminology and concepts, best practices for navigating the AWS Management Console, key security measures, and how to use all of AWS’ primary foundational, database and management services.

Once students have digested this training, they’ll be ready to take and pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam, validating your understanding of core AWS operations.

Amazon’s own Essentials coursework prepping students for the Cloud Practitioner testing would normally cost $675, so getting all that training for under $15 is not only smart career protection, it’s pretty smart wallet protection as well.

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