The Perfect 5 Apps for Drivers

With the fast changing technology, introductions, and new innovations have widened the scope of driving to the drivers. There have been rapid changes in technology, drivers have been equipped with amazing apps that are not only good to use but have made their driving more convenient.

Here are the top 5 apps that every driver should have in their smartphones:

1. Green meter

This app basically helps you know how much your foot lead costs you. the application available on iPhones gives the readout of the style of your driving that further helps you in putting quick brakes making your driving more efficient. It separately calculates your driving speed and measures motor force, mechanical moving resistance and streamlined drag.

This energy cost is further determined in term of dollars, carbon dioxide yield and oil utilization. Instead of using the GPS, the app makes the calculations using accelerometer sensors as a portion of the smartphone. The driver needs to position his phone inside the auto and set a progressive bearing and later quit it while driving.

2. IGasUp

This is an application that helps you discover cheap gas. You will find this app mostly with the fuel retailers who seek for stores providing cheap gas so that they can utilize these stores’ charges. Not only the fuel retailers, but also every driver seeks for a cheaper gas. Thus they install the application on their smartphones which shows the nearest 10 fuel stations along with their charges that are received from their administrations who have tied up with satellite organizations.

3. Sygic

It is a perfect guide to know about the streets; service stations etc. with the presence of this application, and one will never need any other guide for such informative purposes. It enables you to explore any city of your interest with all the information stored about the city into it. The best part about the application is that it does not require the use of internet except for the GPS of the phone turned on. It can be used at any place. It shows you all the interesting places you can move to like the cafes, bistros, eateries and other shops. You can see this by squeezing the POI. The app also offers voice routes so that you do not always have to use your hands instead listen to the instruction through your ears. It offers a 6-day trial for you to experience its services and then buy these services for an amazing experience.

4. OpenBay

This app resembles the Uber application from auto repair. It helps you locate the workmen and get an auto at cheaper rates. The work is offered by the mechanics rather than ourselves. The app has been reviewed well in terms of no extortions from the mechanics and services provided at affordable rates.

5. Find My Car

As the name suggests, you can easily find your car in a big crowd without having to make efforts for locating it yourself. It gives you the Google route to explore the vehicle. Drivers having terrible memories in the past have been highly remedied using this app.

Apps for Drivers

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