Top 5 Apps to Track down Your Stolen Laptop

Laptop is a very important thing in our life. Today’s life it is a very essential to our daily life. Laptop helps us many ways. Now a day’s maximum numbers of people are using laptop. We can easily carry it. And move it from one place to another place easily. Many kind of stylish laptop is available on market now a day. It is being a fashion in this generation. Many people are using the laptop for surfing. Laptop is used for various purposes.

Now a day’s laptop is using for keeping track of any kind of important data and online backup tools also. It contains many important documents. Anyone can steal our important data and documents if we are not aware properly. No one ever knows when and how the thieves steal the important things stored in our laptop. Anyone can easily protect their laptop and important documents by install some laptop apps. It will help you to take precaution before stolen of your laptop. Today’s life it is possible to find and get your laptop back even after your laptop steal by using the apps.

Please remember that you have to install the application before your laptop lost or stolen.

Many applications are now available in market; some of them are discussed below.

1. Prey

This application by which you can easily find out your device, by a web control panel. It is tell you about the current location of your laptop. Prey is available on Linux, max ox s, windows, etc. it is free for first 3 devices. For more feature you can used prey paid system. If you want to going with paid system, it will monthly charge you just $5/-. Prey is a tracking tool with multi platform.

2. Find My Mac

This is also a tracking device that is being used to search your device readily. This not only tracks down your device it moreover locks your Mac hardware. In many cases the owner can even remotely wipe out many important databases if and when required. This is completely free this can be tracked via iCloud only.

3. LockItTight

This app acts as a spy on the would be person who might take the device. This app helps to wipe or delete files from the stolen computer. It captures the details that the thief is doing on the computer. This is completely free for about five device and then after monthly the cost ranges from $1.99 to about $9.99.

4. LojackFor computer

This app is so very useful that the company sends team to retrieve and bring back the lost or stolen computer. The range commences from $14.99 yearly but there are 30 days free trail is also available in this app.

5. Undercover

The cost ranges from $ 49 just and is very highly beneficial as one need to pay only once just to buy the license no other cost is involved. It involves paid tracking software and the part of key blogger feature.

Before you opt for any other apps do very well commence and get adverse with the above.

Top 5 Apps to Track down Your Stolen Laptop

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