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You are on your regular day at work, polishing your presentation, and suddenly it strikes you that your aesthetic sense is triggered. You find it difficult to continue working because the surroundings of the images you have attached aren’t that appealing. You don’t like the color of some while for some you feel would look better without the colorful background. You also realize the backgrounds of the logos you have utilized are not matching with the shades of the presentation.

You are urged to change their background, but the thought of the technicalities makes you doubtful. One might think that this is a tiresome task and requires the help of a professional graphic designer. But in reality, things are a tad bit easier. Sitting in your workspace with applications either from Android or IOS can fulfill the tasks, we also have the aid of these efficient websites that can come to use. Hence here are a few handpicked background remover tools that give the output you wish to see.

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Best Back­ground Remover Online Tools



Founded by a tech-based company, this application works on the principles of artificial intelligence and immediately removes the background image within a few seconds. It not only saves your time but also is not a burden on your pockets. With extremely adjustable features, Slazzer is designed to suit all your personal and professional requirements; whether it is maintaining your Instagram feed or editing the backgrounds for an office presentation.

The most remarkable aspect is that the application never gives up on its task and juggles between different pixels and selection tools to give all the desired results on an everyday basis. When you question the aspect of quality, this application ensures that it delivers supreme standards where any unique image that has complicated and intricate shots is managed well.

The application is so efficient that it boosts your productivity and opens up several prospects where anyone and everyone can perform image processing tasks with greater ease to generate quality content for websites and customize your product with added comforts. One can edit up to 1000 pictures on a single click, and it works on an HTTP interface with a multitude of options. is certainly the go-to option that lets you focus on achieving your task without any compromise on the quality and the quantity.

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P.S. To get access to all these proven & power-packed features, Slazzer customers are paying $120/year for 1000 credits. Today, you can get the Slazzer lifetime deal in just $59/one-time & use the product forever.



Originally built as a part of a bigger application, it was later launched as a stand-alone tool to solve the difficulties of the tedious task of removing photo backgrounds. With super impressive skills, this app is a huge time saver. If you are stuck with a beautiful image that has been bombarded by random strangers in the background, this application will be the best suited to fix your picture within a few moments.

With an application programming interface, it facilitates the usage in a plethora of fields like photography, media, e-commerce, software developers as well as for personal pictures. With a few open-source algorithms to handle the task of removing the image’s background, has transformed them into a free online utility. It is a great example of how simple consumer tools can be made from machine learning procedures. It blends with your software workflow to provide stunning quality and desirable results within five seconds!


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A website by Cedar Lake Ventures, Clipping magic is browser-based software designed with the sole purpose of shifting image backgrounds. It follows easy and uncomplicated protocols that trace your image and create a transparent subject within a span of a few minutes. With auto clip artificial intelligence and diversified editing tools, this program has unmatched abilities to add a professional touch to your pictures.

Enabled with a smart auto crop, comprehensive color controls, graphic mode, and a powerful algorithm, it allows you to introspect and analyze all the colors, straighten and crop the disfigured frame to create an appealing product of purchase. Every result in this program guarantees uniformity and precision and can be utilized to experiment with different contrast shades to achieve the perfect output.

It is a complete guide to publish high-quality images as it can customize the content with color alterations along with reflection or shadow effects. No wonder with such sheer brilliance, this program is a top recommendation in a variety of fields like graphic designing, photography, media, e-commerce business, and many more.


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As the name relatively suggests, is an automatic photo background remover app that assists easy removal and placing of the subject on a white backdrop. It is an instinctive tool for removing the original background of the image to make it either transparent or replace it with a solid shade. It does not require you to have any special skills or techniques to extract the image objects.

All you need to do is, post the uploading of the picture, highlight the background and foreground areas with the aid of green and red markers. This application promises stunning and impressive quality results within a few easy clicks. It is available for free, but with a reasonable and flexible pricing plan, you can utilize all the additional features.

With the availing of an API subscription, one can blend image background removal functionality into one’s software systems. This application can be used by people working in different fields for enhanced outcomes. Besides fulfilling its main purpose of unwanted backgrounds, the Composer tool of this application enables you to create banners, posters, and flyers within three easy steps.


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Equipped with high-grade machine learning and AI technology, Background Eraser proves to be one of the most competent and skillful online tools to remove the background automatically with zero clicks and promising outcomes.

Its artificial intelligence is insightfully trained in identifying human faces, business products, and apparel to neatly cut them out. It saves your time and money, and the advanced AI system perfectly does all the pixel work, that can be extremely tiresome when done manually. An eraser that caters to all your needs, this application provides a cent percent clean and free assistance for your task. It does not even require you to mark the areas using red and green shades. However, all photos are removed every 24 hours.

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Conclusion: Remove Image Backgrounds Online

The tiresome task of enhancing or removing your background has certainly been eased. It is all at your call whether you want to replace the background with a white backdrop or a solid color, remove certain objects, or add completely new scenery.

The most enticing feature about all these apps is their productivity and the speed with which they finish your task. All you have to do is insert or drag the image in the working area and select your desired command or effect, and the website shall do its charm. After the task is done within a span of a few seconds, just make sure you save your image in the desired format, either PNG and or JPG.

While creating images in a transparent background, one must pay special attention to the format they are employing to save it. A PNG format is always recommended for this purpose as it retains the entire transparency and does not allow any solid color merging when saved. It might be a confusing task to think about which site, to begin with, in the first place for the easiest results. One can make this choice by deciding the purpose of the work. If it is a simple image for personal purposes with no or less editing Removebg will be your ideal choice. If your work requires intricate detailing, you can work with Clippingmagic or Slazzer. However, this can be best decided by your judgment of how each site appeals to you.

Well, now it is your turn to charge up your editing senses, get started on your aesthetic route, and try out one of these sites. It is your chance to experiment and create the background you always visualized!

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