10 Best Call Recorder Apps for iPhone

Recording a call serves a multitude of purposes. It helps you keep track of conversations that you might need as a reference in the future. To talk about apple phones, it does not include an in-built call record feature. But one can find several apps that can serve this purpose. 

Hence, we bring you a set of hand-picked call recording applications for your iPhone that you can try right away. 

Let’s get going. 

Best Call Recording Apps For iPhone

TapeACall Pro


This application facilitates a three-way conference call, where the third line is utilized to record the call. It is truly one of the easiest call recording applications with unlimited features at a nominal amount. You can record both incoming and outgoing calls. The app works around the entire globe. 

It also allows you to share your recordings via social media or email. One can apply custom labels to the files and even upload them on iCloud storage, Google Drive, or Dropbox. 

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Rev Call Recorder


This brilliant app is one of the best call recording options for IOS. It has three-way benefits, one it is completely free to you, two it does not annoy you with any advertisements, and three, there is no limit on the length of the call. 

It supports high-quality recordings that work in favor of both incoming and outgoing calls. Along with such promising features, this app also allows sharing and exporting your recording via email, SMS, Google Drive, or even Dropbox. 

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Call Tap Recorder


This application is super efficient and comes with tight security that ensures your information is never passed on to third parties. With a minimum subscription amount, you can record an unlimited number of calls or purchase minute packages of good value to record a few calls. It also is employed with a transcription of your recorded calls in your iPhone, which can transcribe calls in 30 different languages and dialects across the world.

It works for both incoming and outgoing calls and has no limit on the duration of the recordings. 

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Call Recorder 


This application works on the conference call feature and allows easy recording and management of calls. Its highly initiative interface records call in high quality with extreme clarity from both sides of the conversation. This means it works great for both incoming and outgoing calls. 

You can check your recordings as soon as your call is done. With this app, you can share your recorded clip with other devices and export it to other applications. With highly effective customer service, this application has no limit on the number of calls recorded. 

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Call Recorder for Phone Calls


With a smooth functioning, this application is globally available to record calls daily. It does not impose any restrictions on record length time or record playing time. It helps you store all your memorable recordings in high-quality audio from both ends. You can also report spam calls with this application.

Along with a quick recording search, if you wish to share your recordings on social media handles or upload them on your mailbox, this application allows you to do so.

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Automatic Call Recorder 


For an iPhone, this application supports an admirable user interface technology and is highly recommended. It makes the three-way call-system the easiest to function as compared to other applications. It also facilitates both outgoing and incoming calls efficiently. Its outlook and format in terms of the organization are extremely commendable. 

You can not only save your recorded calls but also edit its audio that is compatible with various storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. It can also create a transcripted version of the calls in over 50 languages.  

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Call Recorder Lite


This application is also based on the three-way call merging system, as seen in the rest of the apps. The process to record your call is extremely easy here; you just need to open the app and click on the record call button. At first, the app dials the recording number, and once the connection is secured, you can dial the number you wish to call. On merging the calls, your recording shall proceed. 

The free version allows you to record unlimited calls but has limitations when it comes to playing them. You can only stream the first 60 seconds of it. To access the entire call in high clarity, the pro version is suggested. You can also export your calls to Dropbox or Google Drive and share it via emails or messages.

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Best Call Recorder


With a variety of in-built features, this app is worth a try on your apple device. It is extremely useful for both personal and professional calls. It offers top-class clarity in call recordings with no limitations on both incoming and outgoing calls. It has both national and international call support along with no restrictions on the number of recordings or the length of the clip. 

It also demands no additional fees or per-minute charges, and its user-friendly interface allows immediate access and sharing of records via email and other social media handles. With an integration of a developed transcription service, this app also offers a secure and reliable server without any verification or integration with your SIM card. 

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Call Record NOW


With its setup time less than a minute, this application works smoothly for both incoming and outgoing calls along with their playback and management. Your recordings are instantly available post your call, and you can easily play at its normal speed or at speed ranges of 0.5, 1.5, or 2x. It also allows you to clearly label your recordings. 

The saved clips can be shared as an MP3 file via emails, messages, iCloud, and even Google Drive or Dropbox. 

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Super Call Recorder


This application is employed with a smart user interface and minimal yearly subscription. With no per-minute charges, it also functions in a two-way recording system, i.e., incoming and outgoing calls. It has no limits on the number and duration of recordings and allows easy auto-synchronization between devices. 

You can rename your files and also easily share or back them up in an MP3 format. It also offers online support with Live-Chat. 

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The above-mentioned applications, more or less, come with a set of similar features in terms of the call recording systems, sharing, and saving techniques. So you have a plethora of options to experiment with, without compromising on quality. 

We hope this article helped you to find the application that suits your device the best, and you can finally record your calls with greater ease. 

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