10 Best FaceApp Alternatives You Should Try!

In the world of editing, FaceApp that utilizes artificial intelligence does beautify your picture within a few easy tap and adjustments. However, there have been certain resentments concerning the app as it has not been effective enough over every face type or sometimes does not meet the required social media expectations. 

Hence, in the pursuit of finding an alternative application to get the desirable results, we bring you a list of 10 FaceApp alternatives that you should check out. Most of these apps are available for download in both Android and IOS and are free of cost. 

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Best FaceApp Alternatives

1) Meitu


Powered with the M-face recognition technology, Meitu is an application-based in china that houses brilliant filters to beautify the photo quickly. The M-face examines each detail of the face thoroughly, where the features can be customized and edited for precise enhancements. 

The AI technology of this application detects facial features and allows you to add text, apply filters, blur out the background, and create a hand-drawn effect to the face. Meitu is the ideal beauty camera app with multiple original features, creative effects, and accurate customization of pictures. 

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2) Old Booth – Age Up Camera


Simple and straightforward, this app allows you to experiment and age the face of photos post 20, 40, 60, or even 80 years. With advanced tools of auto-detection and crop features, the working of the app is super easy. It provides such efficient results that you will no further need to employ any filter or additional effects. 

The key aspect of this app is that you can compare looks and judge all the possible wrinkles or marks that can appear with age. Once you are done, you can integrate your social media and surprise all your friends with your old self. 

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3) AgingBooth


This application is considered to be one of the best alternatives as it recreates photos in an extremely natural and realistic fashion. The advanced face detection mechanism automatically chooses a face from the multiple photos on your device or captures an image through your camera or even imports it from social media. 

The application works similar to an aging machine where it answers the query of how you will look when you age. It is so realistic that it does not make use of any superficial stickers of blemishes. The added asset is that this app even functions without an internet connection. 

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4) Genies


If you wish to create your customized digital look-alike, this application is the right choice. Empowered with over a million options, you can create a look-alike that captures your personality, likes and dislikes, physical attributes like skin tone, hairstyle and color, face shape, eye color, head shape, and even clothing. Your digital twin is out there being a better version of you. 

These digital look-alikes are capable of expressing sentiments and reactions to keywords to what the user commands as it has over 180 facets of mood changes and human behaviors. It can also be integrated with your Facebook and WhatsApp.

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5) What Will I Look Like Old Face


This app makes the maximum use of AI technology to generate aging faces. It facilitates a tool that lets you age yourself up to 99 years with prior enhancements, a feature that is missing from FaceApp. It takes into account the various crucial facial attributes that are useful to create an aged picture. 

The main characteristic features include a plethora of aging filters that let you design your old age look. To add to it, this app comes with an easy using quotient and fascinating animation effects to touch up your look. 

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6) Face Swap Live


Ever wanted to borrow a celebrity face, faces of statues or faces of cartoon characters? Then Face Swap Live is your perfect destination. It assists you to swap your face with any photo in real-time. It works without the requirement of pre-existing static photos and swaps face from the live video input.

It further has 3D filters and picture effects that edit your photos in an authentic manner. You can give yourself a funky look by using the costume filter that has props like beards, hats, and glasses. 

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7) Old Age Face Effects App


This application lets you shift through ages with a variety of fun face filters like aging face, babyface, bald look, and much more. It is completely developed to give you spot-on results. The app also comes with loads of stickers to create a fun look. It also has a fat photo booth that lets you click amusing and hilarious pictures. 

The best feature of this application is the facility of gender-swapping. You can instantly assume the role of the opposite gender, i.e., if you are a male, you can easily turn into a female or vice- versa.  

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8) Cupace


This application is a photo editor that cuts and pastes faces on photos. It works in a simple format; it extracts the face from one image or cuts the part of it and adds that face on another photo. You often end up creating funny photos or humourous memes with this app. The same photo can be reused on multiple images. 

Like the previous apps, this one too houses in-built stickers, emojis, texts, and graphics. The face cutout is always precise as it follows the process of user image magnification.  

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9) Oldify


This application is an excellent alternative as it creates images that let you visualize how you will look when you grow old. It performs its role efficiently as it is simple to use. You have a multitude of effects that support your old quirky self. To find your aging images, this app allows you to manually enter the desired age and check the results. 

You can adopt funny faces or body gestures along with amusing animations to flaunt your old self. The most distinguishing feature is that you can even record your voice to make old-timer videos where you can give out old age advice or lessons for the future.

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10) Youcam Makeup


For all the makeup experimenters out there, this app is your tool to virtually try on a style to check whether it suits you or not. It has all the makeup options like foundation creams, blush, lip color, eyeliners, eye shadow along with filter enhancements. 

It allows you to modify every facial feature, including its shape. It is one of the best recommended digital apps for a beauty makeover that creates a virtual appearance with all the beautiful features and cosmetics. 

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Thus the alternatives to FaceApp are many in number. Each of these applications uses advanced algorithms and modern photo editing techniques to give the best results. Some are best suited to create aging pictures like Aging Booth, while some allow you to swap your face craftily like Face Swap Live. All in all, these apps consist of entertaining stickers, emojis, and effects that will ensure that you have a gala time. 

We hope this article was useful and objective, and you are on your way to experimenting with the above applications!


Thomas Burn is a blogger, digital marketing expert and working with Techlofy. Being a social media enthusiast, he believes in the power of writing.

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