Best Among the Financial Apps for Android


Financial apps offer personalized, convenient  ways to  manage finances, allowing you to do services like paying bills, keeping an eye on account balances.

More and more consumers are turning their interest in digital technology to make services easier day by day. The consumers are searching for newer ways to manage their finances. The financial apps for Android are offered as the right mix of convenience, speed and personalization. There are tasks that we do daily and quite often we need to be reminded about paying bills, keeping an eye on the account balances and staying with the stipulated budget. There are other practices like sending push notifications, whenever the budget limit is reached.

We see the likes of Wells Fargo, who are taking recourse to geolocation related services, in the form of sending notifications based on the customer names, whenever they are walking by the side of the branches. Innovative services are emerging for the digital banking consumers, in a combination of robo-advisors and in-person consultants.

The mobile based apps are gaining traction in 2017. Here are some of the topmost financial apps for the Android:


This is a free apps, quite useful for sending and receiving cash from friends. It relies too much on social network. Venmo is one of the best among mobile payment systems. Your account activity must be made private as swiping money between friends must not be broadcasted in public.

Credit Karma

It is a financial app based on credit and financial management. It not only provides a free credit score, but informs you about how to achieve a better score. It also manages to analyze the spending’s and provides means of saving your valuable money. It will be accompanied by a free tax software too. If there are any changes made to the credit report, automatic alerts can be issued. Moreover, you will be able to dispute any errors on reports from within the app.  


Robinhood is a product from a relatively new startup and boasts of a wonderful user interface.

It has lower charges in comparison with other traditional players in the same space. Data is available in real-time. It is suitable for a full-service brokerage account or can be used as a discount broker. It makes it possible to create a customized watchlist on stocks. Orders can be placed on low-cost trades.

Chase Mobile

JPMorgan has recently formed partnership with Intuit, granting access to financial accounts. The financial information of the customers can be downloaded in a fast and secure way, so as to populate the products like Mint from Intuit, without mentioning the usernames and passwords. The important tasks to be performed are making transactions, keeping tab on your money. managing the cards, and setting alerts.


It can save through gamification and tiny actions, enticing you to the app. This is the right app for you, if you need to be nudged several times during the week, about saving your money.


The Better Banking app from Simple will enable you to do the usual chores of banking activities. It has an elegant interface and has many smart features like that of locking the card with a tap, when you have happened to misplace it.


The features of the mobile app from Fidelity are trading and alerts, research and cutting-edge design. It offers tailored contents and news, money management tools and video and news on the international markets.


You can view the ID cards digitally, submit claims and even make bill payments with this app. Roadside assistance can be contacted with the financial app, when you have a flattyre. It has plans for incorporating Kate, a Digital Assistant, in the future with the ability to answer your queries like policy details, billings etc.

Diverse array of services are offered by the above mentioned financial apps for Android.


Financial Apps for Android

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