10 Best Games To Download For Your New VR Gaming Headset

Did you know that virtual reality is often associated with video games? And, most VR development is in the service of immersive, unique gaming experiences that simply aren’t very possible via any other medium. Some titles i.e particularly horror games, offer a certain that just can’t be equated on a boring, old 2D screen. That said, gaming isn’t the only way to take the real advantage of that great new VR headset. The most exciting thing about VR is that we’re still just scratching the surface and discovering new ways to educate and to entertain ourselves. With keeping that in mind, here are 10 of our favorite VR apps.

Best Games For Your New VR Gaming Headset

Adventure Game


It is an adorable action-puzzle-adventure game, there is a character called Moss which immerses you in his fantasy land with a tiny mouse named Quill as your sidekick. Together, you and Quill roam around the woodlands to fight with your enemies, rescue your kingdom, and rescue Quill’s uncle. A small task for a mighty mouse. It’s a beautiful tale which is told cinematically, and a great game to get lost in for hours of virtual exploration.

Vader Immortal


Vader Immortal makes a very great addition to a VR game library for any fan of the franchise. This game contains just three episodes set sometime between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. You play as a smuggler which is captured by the Empire, who is always attempting to escape alongside your droid sidekick ZO-E3. This cinematic journey takes you through much more, of course, as you learn about your very true origins and the ultimate mission. This game feels like an extension of what takes place in the Rogue One universe, with you as one of the protagonists to turn those wheels along.

The Last Guardian


Do you know that The Last Guardian VR game came out just two years ago? And never ever existed as a demo, it’s still a worthy download to experience the platform at its very finest. You’re introduced to a cat-bird-dog hybrid creature named Trico, which is a very large new friend who’ll accompany you through this new virtual world. Although the game is clearly full of fantasy, the experience feels distinctly natural, with unexpected interactions at every opportunity as you get to know Trico. It’s a mesmerizing game, and will only take up to 30 or so minutes if you’re short on time.

Dance Dance Revolution


If music and hand-eye coordination is your only thing, there are several visually stunning rhythm games that’ll keep you entertained (and possibly help work up a sweat.) For a dose of the Dance Dance Revolution without all the jumping around, Beat Saber lets you learn how to dance by hitting various directional blocks via lightsabers. New music packs are also occasionally added in this in case you get tired of playing the same tracks, and new 90-degree and 360-degree modes suit those looking for a new challenge.

Pistol Whip


For those looking for more of a rhythm-based game combined with a bit of action, Pistol Whip is a great mix of both. You play as a spy in an alternate world where the villain’s lair is super colorful and bright, with the fun music to accompany each shot you take and bullet you dodge. The learning curve for playing the game is mighty low, but things can get challenging fast.

Tetris Effect


For a refresh on the classics, Tetris Effect is a very beautiful take on the iconic puzzle game, combining the ethereal graphics with a great soundtrack to make clearing each line of blocks more satisfying than ever. November marked the game’s one-year anniversary, with new soundtracks released to keep things fresh.

I Expect You To Die

I Expect You To Die

For those who enjoy escaping this room-type games should give I Expect You To Die a go. In this, You will play as a secret agent tasked with various missions in order to defeat a billionaire supervillain — all while avoiding impending death, of course. Despite its name, it’s not as macabre as it sounds. The graphics are fun and quirky, with rooms that are well designed and immersive to explore. It’s also easy enough for players of every age and skill level to try and can be played sitting down so you can plugin and get comfortable.

If you got a Nintendo Labo kit for the holidays, you’ll find that all the associated games are mini experiences that can be played through it quickly, and Nintendo has only rolled out support for a select few games. But of the four supported classics, the only one which is best suited for the platform is probably Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker. The game literally begs you to explore, and the way the game is designed in it makes the best use of your ability to look around and find different nooks and crannies to figure out where the stars are hidden.

Sports The Climb

Sports The Climb

Inspired by the Free Solo but not exactly ready to, you know, risk your entire life seeking that kind of thrill? The Climb recreates that particular experience with beautiful sceneries but without any of the danger. You can select from easy, medium, or hard levels — but beware! Just because it says easy, that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be struggling to keep yourself afloat.

Echo Arena


Often described as blitzball from the Final Fantasy 10 meets VR, Echo Arena is a sports game that lets you dive, fly, tackle, and shoot discs to score points against your opposing team. Think of it as playing ultimate Frisbee in a zero-gravity setting while you double as a battle robot.

Robo Recall


Robo Recall is a first-person shooter game that’ll make you feel like a sci-fi superhero. Your job is to just extinguish an onslaught of rogue robots and figure out what made them “defective” in the first place. There’s a little bit of humor mixed into the action, with no graphic violence (if you’re concerned about that).

Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine

If violence is not an issue for you, then check out Arizona Sunshine for a zombie shooter that’ll have you constantly narrowly escaping death. Hordes of zombies will come at you as you run through the Arizona desertscape, weaving through decrepit cabins, abandoned cars, and underground tunnels in search of your safe haven. You’ll want a lot of open space for this one, as you’ll be moving and dodging a lot.

Vacation Simulator and Job Simulator

Vacation Simulator and Job Simulator

You don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy silly simulation games like Vacation Simulator and Job Simulator. Really, you don’t even have to know how to do anything at all. Quirky robots tell you exactly how to move around in the game, and you don’t have to do anything right but mess stuff up (or make things neat, if that’s your thing) by poking around and seeing what random stuff in the room does. It’s surprisingly therapeutic.


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