Top 6 Influencer Marketing Tools for Startups

Word of mouth for promotion through known people, relatives, and other means have taken a back seat and moved on to the digital world of social media influencer. We believe that a little positive influence has the power to change everything. Startups and new business are taking interest in influencer marketing.

What basically is a social media influencer? They are someone who has an impact or influence on others through social media. With the world getting more on the digital path and high rise in social media usage; people with more followers and tweets are considered to be influencers; a few years back this role was played by famous celebrities.

So, what should be done to find these influencers? Marketers and startups can take assistance from different tools to search for the influencer, media places, bloggers, and other influencers in their required field. There are plenty of such tools which will make your task easier in finding one for your business requirement.

Here are best Influencer marketing tools you can use:

1. Demographics Pro


This is a free tool and helps you to take a deep look at the relevant data and performance. It helps to grow and understand your social viewers by finding the whether the audience on the influencer’s page is the right targeted audience for your work or not.

2. Social Crawlytics


It is the most widely used tool for influencer and content marketing. It assists in detecting the content most shared by your competitor and also identifies influencers. It schedules monitor and analyzes all social media sharing into a single inbuilt dashboard.

3. Followerwonk


This tool works on three qualities i.e. Find, Analyze and Optimize. It helps in finding and connecting with the right influencer and then analyze its followers as per location and tweets and then optimize it for your business’s social growth.

4. Klout


It helps you be giving suggestions on shareable content, creates content which will catch the attention of your audience and records its impact on the targeted audience. It also takes the score for the number of re-tweets, shares, and likes.

5. Newsle


As the name points out it gives the information about any person or company you are following when they are mentioned in news. It notifies you immediately after any news is published about any for your followers or network on LinkedIn.

6. Traackr


They believe that there are no shortcuts, only influence can last for a longer time. This tool makes the task of identifying the probable influencers very easy and simple with just two clicks. In addition, it also manages your relationship with influencers. But, it does come with a hefty price tag attached to it.


The best use of influencer marketing tools is most needed as if not executed properly they will be a total waste. Marketing through influencer is one of the trending methods for online marketing these days but do not forget that you always need to research and put your best foot forward will investing any of your time. Also, you must remember to keep a record of your results in order to improve your marketing performance.

Social media networking is expanding with each passing day and recommendation is trusted by everyone. Never underestimate the influence your business can have on others.

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