Top 5 Best iPhone Security Apps you Should Use

These iPhone security apps will help keep iOS and your apps safe from hackers!

What is more painful and hurtful than losing the phone data that you have collected and stored over such a long period? The emotion transitions towards intense anxiety followed by paranoia when your iPhone is linked with accounts holding crucial personal data such as bank details, email credentials, and other passwords.

If not that, it holds a gallery full of videos and images that can be manipulated. Keeping the paranoia aside, you lose records of pictures that holds so many memories. This is why you should always prioritize security and privacy on your devices.

Apple takes security seriously, but you can never be too careful. If you’re concerned about privacy, then we also strongly recommend using one of the best iOS VPN apps to safeguard your online activity.

5 Best Security Apps That You Must Have In your iPhone

1. 1Blocker


As the name suggests, this is an ad blocking app. It has approximately 7000+ preinstalled ad blockers. It has ads, ad networks, tracking scripts, analytics providers and other of the sort covered.

The app is largely customizable and allows to select and ban any content that is annoying to the user sight.

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2. 1Password


This app secures all your passwords in one place. It’s a password manager. The key features of the app are that it remembers, stores passwords and other sensitive information and also used to generate strong passwords for important accounts.

The app can be synced with other iOS devices and hackers lurking on the web cannot get hands on it due to its strong encryption.

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3. Knock 2.0


Knock 2.0 gives you control over all your devices from one access point. No matter where you are, you can lock your PC or Mac with your iPhone. All the owner has to do is knock the iPhone twice to lock their Mac. It works even if it is in the pocket!

It works equally well with an Apple Watch. After providing a fingerprint, the user can lock and unlock their Mac with just a single tap.

The app is cloud-based which means that usability range is wider as it eliminates the need to be connected over the same Wi-Fi network.

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4. Kaspersky Browser


It is an app that is used for safe browsing, filtering of website content and remote control of your device. It gives command of the device to the user.

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6. NordVPN


From the team behind the virtual private network, NordVPN is an iOS app which re-routes and encrypts all web traffic making the connection private and secure while using a top of the line security protocol.

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So above are the 5 Best iPhone Security Apps that you must have in your iPhone. With these mobile apps, you can secure your device from the threats like viruses and many spying apps that are only being designed to steal users data. After installing these apps your device will surely get free from malicious programs and will perform better.

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Best iPhone Security Apps

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