5 Best Lead Generation Techniques for Every Business

Got your business an official website? Great! In case you are wondering why there hasn’t been a substantial growth even though you have gone digital, let me tell you this! It’s a huge misconception among marketers that solely having a website will get your business relevant lead generation.

Lead generation is one of the major constituents in digital marketing practices which works on one principle, and that is, convincing potential customers into purchasing your products and services. In other words, the process involves attracting customers and converting those who indicate interest in a company’s offerings.

So how can you bring increment in your website’s conversion rates and online sales? With an effective lead generation strategy!

5 most effective lead generation techniques for every business:

1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of ensuring and making your website rank higher in the prominent search engines result pages. The goal of implementing SEO to a website is to climb on the top list of search results whenever potential leads browse the web using company-specific keywords. If done right, SEO practice will definitely benefit a business by rewarding it with higher lead generation.

2. Social media

Social media is the fastest growing online platform and marketers have been utilising it to elevate their brand’s popularity. Facebook is the largest social networking platform, followed by Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat and so on.  It’s free and remarkably convenient to set up social media accounts for a business, and advertisers are utilising this with optimum efforts to generate relevant leads for their business. Use keywords and phrases related to your business while posting on these domains. Several social media sites allow hashtagging to further particularise their advertising efforts and marketing goals reaching out to a significant set of audience who may be converted into valuable leads.

3. Online Ads

Online Ads are helpful in generating quick leads for your digital advertising strategy. Running PPC campaigns on Google Adwords is one of the best ways of advertising business offerings on search engine result pages.

An oversimplified set of steps to Online Ads involves: Setting a monthly budget, analysing the ads performance and modifying the advertising techniques accordingly. A vital part of making your online ad campaign successful is to implement a smart keyword strategy and approaching the right set of viewers and prospective customers.

4. Blogging

Blogs provide fresh and updated content related to the specifics of a particular industrial niche. You can start publishing blogs on your website offering relevant and valuable advice and information on your domain specific issues and topics. This will only enhance your website’s credibility with time provided you remain consistent with that blogs with quality content.

Besides publishing on your website, you can guest blog on other platforms having a strong readership community. In case, content creation is not your area of interest, you can hire professional bloggers and freelancing writers to write on your company’s behalf.

5. Landing Page

Landing pages can be a great Lead generation tool as they can redirect the incoming traffic to customised web pages of a site from where they can opt to purchase products or avail the mentioned services as per their liking.

An effective landing page includes the following elements:

  •    A captivating headline
  •    An eye-catchy image (service/product-specific)
  •    CTA buttons or forms (e.g. Subscription forms)
  •    Social Media Sharing plugins
  •    Offers and testimonials
  •    Featuring key achievements of a business (or a website)

Concluding Thoughts

While aiming at profitable lead generation, a digital marketing strategy should not be devoid of the above-explained techniques. Make sure you are incorporating these 5 constituents in your lead generation suite for better ROI, higher conversion rates and greater customer acquisition.

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