15+ Websites To Find Best Software Deals (Including SaaS Lifetime Deals)

Have you been wondering how to save money on your software a bit? Besides holiday shopping season, Black Friday sale or shopping with software coupons or either just searching for software on sale. We have come up with our own way out that will satiate all your digital needs and can save your money. Are you frustrated with limited period offers? So here we go, as we have shortlisted the best software lifetime deals all at one place and also those websites that curate and bring the comparison between different lifetime deals websites. Also, these websites have the capability to have the best subscribers or followers. With this, you will be acquainted with all the useful software and that too with endless availability.

Let’s figure out about Lifetime deals: They are simply discounts on tools and resources where the user has to pay a one-time fee for their life. Software as a service apps charge monthly or yearly to have access to their tools but lifetime deals remove such payment issues. As a customer, the obvious advantage of lifetime deals is that you can save a lot of money while getting access to the tools that you need to smoothly run your business!

Hence, if you are a digital agency or a business you should leverage Saas marketplaces because there will be chances of your needs grow and apps not fulfilling that purpose, and also finding it hard to keep abreast with increasing technological demands.

Best Lifetime Deal Websites – Get Insane Deals For All The Tools You Need To Grow Your Business

Let’s dive into these SaaS marketplaces which are those websites that offer incredible lifetime deals. From the vendor side, SaaS marketplaces are actually a  sales channel to generate the funnel of quick cash flow and a massive amount of customers fast.

1. Techlofy (shop.techlofy.com)


One of the prominent sources of software deals. It’s the website that is made for best lifetime deals on tech and saas software. Isn’t it great that a single website can offer the most irresistible deals and that too on the software that is way more helpful? These lifetime deals can help you to build and run a successful business by supporting you as an entrepreneur or marketer. All in all, lifetime deals can make your life way easier.

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2. Appsumo (appsumo.com)


AppSumo is a website that collaborates with the tech companies and gives you access to the deals on their software products and helping startups by making them leverage technology hence saving your money. It also lets people submit their deals.

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3. PitchGround (pitchground.com)


PitchGround is a website that provides lifetime deals on SaaS software and software solutions, hence they work for the objective of helping entrepreneurs, agencies, small businesses, etc. This Saas marketplace leverages its community and web traffic with high-commercial intent to offer these insane deals. PitchGround is mainly focussed on digital ventures like SaaS companies, digital marketing agencies, solopreneurs, and so on.

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4. SaaSMantra (saasmantra.com)


SaaSMantra is an incredible platform where all the SaaS-based lifetime deals are listed. These tools provide a high return on investment. They are a great source of Saas Apps and tools that have the capacity to accelerate your digital business. Best suited for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs that want quick results effectively.

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5. DealMirror (dealmirror.com)


DealMirror provides you the best lifetime deals on apps, software, services, digital goods, SEO tools, eCourses, Graphics, Templates, Free WordPress Woo-Commerce Plugins. They also give you the chance to submit your deal. Best suited for entrepreneurs, website designers, and developers.

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6. DealFuel (dealfuel.com)


DealFuel is a website for all the latest and coolest tech lifetime deals primarily for marketers, designers, bloggers, and freelancers because this platform gives the free WordPress themes, plugins, and SEO tools, other deals include deals on ebooks, e-courses, graphics, and WordPress. Also, you can submit your deal on this website.

7. Dealify (dealify.com)


Dealify is the website that offers exclusive software lifetime deals, also provides free chrome and firefox extensions for getting lifetime deals alerts. This platform is mainly for growth hackers, marketers, and founders so that they can create, build, and run their businesses efficiently.

8. Rebeliance (rebeliance.com)


It is one such website that offers exclusive lifetime deals and discounts for only a limited time to boost sales and productivity. So you cannot miss their deals. Now you can save money by getting access to the best software for a fraction of the cost.

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9. SaaSWiz (saaswiz.com)


SaaSWiz is a place where you can get the best lifetime deals which prove out to be the best resources for entrepreneurs, marketers so you can leverage the tools and technology to build your business to its full potential.

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10. LifeTimeDeal (lifetimedeal.com)


This is the website for exploring the best lifetime deals and discounts software. It is a kind of digital product made mainly for marketers, developers, and online businesses leveraging exclusive discounts and promotional deals.

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11. LeanDeals (leandeals.co)


LeanDeals provides exclusive lifetime deals on software solutions for the eCommerce and tech community which also gives you the assets and capabilities you need to run your business to its fullest potential.

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Deal Aggregator Websites

So how do you keep up with so many deal sites? The answer is – through deal aggregators. Like any other aggregator website, they combine deals from multiple deal sites so that you have a unified platform for all the deals making comparison and filtering easy. At the same, deal aggregators keep you informed about new deals that may be upcoming or live through various ways like FB groups, newsletters, browser notifications, messenger, and more.

Let’s take a look at the best deal aggregator websites.

1. GrabLTD (grabltd.com)


GrabLTD shortlisted the best lifetime saas deals in one place, where you can filter deals under various categories like the latest, upcoming, trending, and yearly deals with online courses. The website has a “giveaways” section where you can participate in contests and win lifetime access for tools. They show you the collection from all the SaaS marketplaces around the internet. You will get to grab the hottest lifetime deals straight into your inbox. It gives you the chance to discover your next favorite SaaS tool to scale your business.

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2. DealMango (dealmango.com)


DealMango curates and provides you with the best lifetime tech deals on areas like software, SAAS, and WordPress tools especially for all the entrepreneurs and also the online businesses. Do you know that with DealMango you can actually upvote and bookmark all your deals, you can share your reviews and also get to submit new deals!

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3. EarlyShark (earlyshark.com)


With the EarlyShark you can get to discover the best Lifetime Deals at One Place! They provide you the collection of all the latest lifetime deals, discounts & coupons for entrepreneurs. They amalgamate all their hot deals in their newsletter.

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4. LTDHunt (ltdhunt.com)


LtdHunt is a community of lifetime deals lovers that helps entrepreneurs and marketing professionals power up their business through handpicked daily deals. With LTDHunt, you will find the best software lifetime deals at the best price in one place.

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5. SaasPirate (saaspirate.com)


With SaasPirate, you will get to avail of the best lifetime deals and discounts for the Saas & software. It helps you to save up to 99% on the search engine optimization tools, sales, marketing, lead generation, business, and also the best productivity tools to help you actually create, grow, and upscale your business!

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Conclusion: Best SaaS Lifetime Deals Platform

If you haven’t heard of lifetime deals before, we just hope that now you must have got a better understanding, They’re one of those deals to look out for while you’re building up your business as they can help you to save some hard-earned cash if you find ones that work for your business.

Also do remember to evaluate your existing tech stack to figure out what kind of tools and resources you actually need so if you can save some cash while doing so, it’s a win-win situation.

In reality, a lifetime deal is a great deal as it is going to be useful to you, for the next couple of years until your lifetime. Otherwise, if it would be a limited-time deal it’s still a waste of money that could have been better allocated elsewhere. You also have to take into consideration the time cost of learning the product, as well as the cost of researching and buying an alternative if it fails.

The market for SaaS products is exploding, and there are so many, seemingly great, products to choose from. So, to save you time and money we’ve got checks that you can do to ensure that you buy these lifetime deals that have the best chance of being around for the long term (and of actually being an asset to your business).

Bringing traffic to your business is the most challenging. There are many activities that businesses use to entice the customers in which deals submission is the best option. These websites have the strength to expose your business to thousands of visitors quickly. This promotion can work quite well to grab the attention of new customers.

According to the CMO Council report, 71% of internet users in the U.S. look for coupons before actually making a purchase. It clearly shows that if you have your software listed on these platforms, then you can easily target massive customers.

If you are in search of promoting your business in front of a larger audience, then deal submission websites are the perfect option for you.

Simply stated, Techlofy Shop is your one-stop-shop for incredible deals for software. If you are looking for great discounts on the expensive software, you have come to the right place. Our visitors come here because they know we have got all the incredible software discounts to share with them.

Are you also looking to buy software with the best deals available? Whether you are an entrepreneur, solopreneur, website designer, or developer looking to save money on your next software purchase, take a look around this website. There’s only one thing which is standing in the way of you and incredible shareware savings. That is performing a quick search on our website right here, right now.

Best Lifetime Deal Websites Techlofy

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