Top 5 Mobile Apps That Help Saving and Earning Money

One of the common behaviours of people is to save money. And, thanks to the world of online shopping and the whole “deals and discounts” extravaganza. As these companies have given huge options for savings. But what if we can save even more money than we already do? – Here are a few lesser known and free apps that will help you save a lot of money. That’s why, we have gathered a list of free mobile apps that will help you save a lot of money than you already do:

#1. Crown it

Crown It app lets you get instant cashback called ‘Crowns’ on all your food bills, then and there! You can even redeem these crowns to shop at numerous online stores for retail, fashion, travel, movie and more; or you can even transfer the money to your bank account. It also lets you win exciting prizes like free movie tickets and vouchers by participating in its Weekly Rush contest on the ‘Crown it’ app.

#2. Zingoy

Zingoy app lets you earn cashback over and above all the regular online deals and offers. It lets you can earn cashback on almost every single time you buy anything online, by using Zingoy app. You are required to just enter the offer, product or store URL in Zingoy app and you will get your own unique Zingoy shopping link. And, you are required to make your purchase through this link. You can even make many such unique Zingoy links of other offers, deals and products you like. By sharing those with your friends and family, you can even earn reward points. And, every time, if anyone makes a purchase using the link, you earn more cashback. Zingoy app also shows a lot of deals and lets its users browse for more, depending upon the categories and stores.

#3. StylFlip

StylFlip app is for those who have chunk of clothes, and they have forgotten them. And, they don’t even want to throw them away because those cloths are worth quite a bit and they have hardly worn them. StylFlip lets them simply sell for cash in basically three easy steps. It lets users to make money and save big on their next fashion shopping spree. It also lets you buy new and trendy apparels at great discounts, boast your own wardrobe, rigorously follow stylish women, easily shop their closets and make friends while using it.

#4. 1mg

Health is one of the key aspects that never be compromised on. But health facilities and medicines are getting costlier day-by-day. And, here comes 1mg to help you in getting out this situation. 1mg app lets you cut short your medical bills. It is an app that gives you incredible discounts and offers on OTC drugs especially on the prescribed medicines and number of FMCG products available at medical and drug stores. 1mg provides a lot of services including delivery of medicines right at your doorstep, search and book appointments with healthcare centres and doctors, book laboratory tests and reorder your regular medicines. It also lets you read health related articles published by experts, which in turn, help you know the effects and side effects of drugs & medicines and set frequent reminders to help you restock your regular medicines. Thus, 1mg not only helps in saving money but also helps in saving time and effort.

#5. Rentomo

Rentomo is an amazing app for those who are looking for people who are interested in their things that they want to get rented because they don’t use those things regularly. And, they have bought those things because they think they don’t have option. It helps you save a lot of your money by renting things, which you only need for a short interval of time. It can be anything – be it bicycles, projectors, adventure gear, event supplies, ACs for summers, cameras, gaming consoles, furniture or kitchen appliances. Rentomo helps you find people, who want to take those things for rent at amazing rates. It’s an amazing app for you, if you have a lot of things at your home that are lying unused. You just list them on Rentomo and start earning money through it, too. Rentomo has taken social sharing to the next level.

Hope the above mentioned apps don’t just help you save a lot of money but also help you free mobile apps. Download them now and start saving and earning, today!


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