Best Proven Apps to get Mental Agility

You must have observed that your friends, colleagues and many others have an inclination towards body-building and they have their distinct objectives including flaunting the body among peers. Many of them do this endeavor to keep themselves healthy. We come across the same scenario when it comes to the mindset of those who consider ‘good looks’ above all and devote hours in front of the mirror.

Here, my intention is to highlight the viewpoint of the masses who give preference to all other activities over having a healthful mind because it is as essential as taking breath. It is true that a healthy mind exists in a healthy body, but being after six or eight packs is surely not a sign of having a good mental health. Now, the question arises;

What exactly a healthy mind is?

A healthy mind assists you finding your way through all stages of the life. Those who keep their mind healthy enjoy a more fulfilling, richer and motivated existence. A mind with good health guides you on each step of your life and helps you achieve your goals conveniently.

What Can Be Done to Have a Healthy Mind?

Just like a healthy body, a healthy mind also requires to flex its muscles and exercise. There are a number of activities including yoga, playing various games; solving puzzles can be done to keep your mind active and sharp. However, technology has provided us several mediums to keep it healthy, especially the app development arena has created many applications to check and heal our metal defects.

brain training apps

Check out which all are those apps that help us give the mind a great mental workout:


Lumosity is one of the most popular apps for offering cool features to improve your mental health. With more than 70 million users worldwide, this app incorporates 25+ cognitive games that challenge your attention, memory etc. These games adapt to your exclusive performances, thus you get the opportunity to stay challenged in an extensive diversity of cognitive tasks. Lumosity boasts to have a pool of scientist and designers who discover new ways to challenge your mind and drive cognitive research forward.

Brain Trainer Special

This is a free app, which serves you with intuitive content to improve the health of your mind. It provides you amazing tips to improve your memory and suggest you to follow a road map to a healthier brain. Brain Trainer Special opens up its treasure of knowledge on eating habits, best nutrition food and many more and if you follow these tips the benefits will be reflected instantly. It also trains your brain with a number of games that affect its activities. Embrace this app to get a string of benefits including more brain efficiency.

Elevate-Brain Training

Elevate is another brain training tool, which is picked by Google as Editor’s Choice for delivering excellence as far as brain training is concerned. It is designed to boost attention, thought process, speaking skills, math skills, memory and many more. Each individual is provided with his or her own personalized training program that fixes over time to maximize results. Its wide variety of features comprises 35+ brain games for complex cognitive skills like focus, precision and comprehension. To monitor improvements in the health of your brain, it features a detailed performance tracking system.

Brain HQ

Brain HQ is a great tool for those who face big issues linked with poor memory. Forgetting the names of strangers when you meet them and asking them again and again creates an embarrassing atmosphere around. This app comes with a string of exercises to enhance your ability to remember their names as well as biographical details. It also gives an opportunity to test your working memory, practice splitting up your attention, boost your cognitive flexibility, upgrade your reaction time and so on. The games offered by Brain HQ do not carry much flash and fun that rest of the brain-training apps have. Some of its games need a retouch to re-kindle life to them.


Peak merges the games and brain science to offer its users a great brain workout. Its tests your focus, memory, language skills, mental agility and problem solving skills by making you play a few mini games. This app offers you a number of performance metrics to evaluate the improvement. This is an absolutely free app and is available on both Android and iOS platforms. However, its paid version is also available. In the free version, you get a selection of daily exercises while in the premium version you get access to the full variety of exercises available on demand.


In the cut-throat competition at the present time, one must perform to his/her best, however, mental clotting handicaps us sometimes. The aforementioned apps are proved to be great tools which help you eliminating this clot. Enterprises can also hire app developer who can create such amazing apps for them.

brain training apps

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