7 Tremendous Tips on Instagram Stories That Can Magnify Your Reach & Visibility

Recently an exciting new feature was launched by the Facebook-owned photo app Instagram. This new feature –Instagram Stories allows users to share all the moments that happened in a day. Seriously, besides profile photos, you can share unlimited images and videos (together) in a slideshow format along with infusing your creativity.

Also, you can use drawings and text to describe your story in many ways, and your followers and friends can see this. However, these videos and pictures will vanish from the profile grid after 24 hours.

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Enhancing Your Followers And Likes Through Instagram Videos

The following are the steps you need to employ –

1. Pausing A Story

Sometimes you will be viewing an Instagram story when the doorbell rings. Don’t fear! You have the option to pause the video by pressing down. Later on within the 24-hours, when there are some few extra minutes to spare, you can watch the remaining Instagram story.

2. Keeping Tabs On The Number Of Views

Do you want to know how popular your Instagram stories are? It is simple, and you just need to keep an eye on the number of viewers visiting your Instagram stories. Once you get the numbers, it is easy to find out who is viewing your images and videos when you open it and swipe up. You can only see the statistics of the story, but individuals can snoop on your story and even hide their views.

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3. Checking Other Instagram Stories By Swiping Left And Right

While viewing a story, you can swipe right or left to skip the story, after and before the story that you are currently looking at.

4. Avoid Getting Replies For Your Stories Or Hide Them

The major advantage of Instagram Stories is you can make your stories private. For that, you need to change the privacy settings of the account. You have the option to keep stories visible or hide them according to your whims and fancies. Also, you can choose a particular part of a story and display it to others as well.

The procedure is easy and for that, you need to go to your ‘Profile Icon’, choose the ‘Story Settings’ option and select the tab ‘Hide Story From’. Besides this, you can even select who can reply to your stories.

5. Display Your Love For Other Users’ Instagram Stories

There is no method to show the liking for other users’ stories. But you can message and reply to them to display your love for the stories and provide any suggestions. Just click on the ‘Send Message’ option present at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Besides that the owners of the Instagram Stories that you liked can reply to your messages. This will be displayed in the Message history, however; the story will disappear after 24 hours.

6. Download Stories Before they Disappear

Sometimes you may have created an interesting story and won’t want it to get destroyed after 24 hours. Don’t panic! You can download the story to the photo library of your cell phone. For that, you need to click on the ‘3 Dots’ present at the bottom right side of the screen.

Now when you click on the ‘3 Dots’, three options will appear –

• Save Photo: Saving the story on your cellphone’s library.
• Delete: Removing the story from the Instagram feed.
• Story Settings: Hiding the post from certain users or selecting whom you don’t want to get a reply from on your stories.
• Share as Post: To display the story developed by you as an Instagram Post.

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7. Being More Creative Using Various Kinds Of Pen Colors

Sometimes you might want to draw on a picture. There is a small selection of colors which you can use. Just press and hold those colors, and various other options will be displayed. Plus you can change the line width by just tapping the left icon at the bottom of the screen. It is simply magical.


These tips or steps will assist you in using the Instagram Stories. Once you have mastered these new features, you can make your Instagram profile more popular. And if you feel that the procedure is tedious, you can buy Instagram video views from online vendors.

Ultimately, you need to have a good number of followers and likes. And for that, you must use your best efforts and tactics. Now you might not get results immediately as it takes time. You must be patient and analyze each strategy that you have used to get a clear picture of how successful your Instagram profile is.

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