Six Efficient Tips to Save Your Innovative App Idea from Stealing

So you’re a fervent techie with a brilliant mobile app idea, right?  Okay. First of all, you must protect your idea in a highly competitive and rapidly thriving mobile app industry while finding professional and trustworthy mobile app developers. Today, the leading mobile app stores are teeming with millions of apps, and unique apps can help their owners or developers to stay ahead of the curve. Therefore, you need to save your app idea to experience the probable success.

But here is a question: How do you prevent someone else from basking in the fame that could be yours if you save an app idea from stealing? Well, protection of an innovative app idea is also an endeavor to assure success these days.

The following points can assist you to take proactive protective measures for your mobile app idea:

Information sharing

Well, your protective approach starts from this very first step. You can share an app’s idea sparingly even if it is necessary to give your app’s information in the instances like technical details with developers, pitching to your customers/clients, etc.

Remember, the less you disclose the information, the less likely someone will steal it. All you need to take care of over enthusiasm and excitement while talking about a game-changing idea.

Dealing with outsiders

If you don’t have the in-house capacity to build the new app, you require hiring mobile app developers. You need to screen all such developers carefully and select only reputed third-party contractors or developers to save your app idea.

You can also opt for working exclusively with developers to build integrity thereby reducing the chance of theft.

Non-disclosure agreements

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is the best way to protect your app idea while getting your app developed. NDA ensures that the information that you share will remain confidential between you and the developers. It also offers protection against re-use of your idea by people involved in your project.

However, NDA is not a full-proof plan for keeping your idea safe, and you have to implement other steps also. Alternatively, you can also use confidentiality agreement with the potential investors.

Non-compete agreements

non-compete agreement is aimed at stopping insiders from sharing trade secrets with the rival companies. Such an agreement can restrain the developers and professionals working on your project from working on any other project that can directly compete with your project.

However, you may find it difficult to get a prominent mobile app developer who is ready to sign such an agreement as it makes them unable to work with the clients and projects of their choice.


You can copyright UI and the code elements of your mobile app, but it can protect your app only when someone copies the entire app without any change. In other words, you can copyright the intellectual property of your app, but cannot copyright the app idea!

However, copyright of your app can be done at relatively less cost than most other preventive options, and you can enjoy protection against duplication.

Trademark and patent

Trademark can restrict your competitors from using icons, logos, symbols, and words associated with your application. You can also opt for trademarking all the features and services’ name that your app offers.

WhatsApp, Truecaller, Pokémon Go, and Candy Crush are some of the top-selling mobile apps of all time with distinct colors, fonts, and logo. No other developer can use them.

You can protect your app’s important information from being counterfeited by your competitors through trademarking.

Patenting, on the other hand, can help you protect the intellectual property of your app like functionality and variations. However, the functionality and version you want to opt for patenting must be new and unique.

Wrapping up

It’s better to close each and every loophole to protect your mobile application’s idea. The six steps mentioned above will certainly save your idea to be stolen by the rivals. Also, remember that even if your app is capable of outsmarting most of your competitors, you should always release the basic version of your app and save the best features and functionality for later versions. You can also come up with the unique updates for including these features in the future.

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