Five Tools that A Marketer Should Have To Boost Mobile Traffic

In the recent years, there is an exponential surge in smart phones users and mobile is now sidelining the use of PCs and even tablets. More and more people use their mobiles for their daily activities like booking a show, online ordering of a pizza or online ordering of clothes, shoes, bags and more. Emerging mobile applications are the latest thing that are keeping the geeks and mobile app developers/users scratching their heads. Shopify, that offers ecommerce tool for small and medium sized business too predicts a major hike in mobile business with the launch of Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. These online platforms will make the filling of forms obsolete thus making it increasingly easy for the mobile user.

If we are to pinpoint on a few tools that could boost mobile traffic, the marketer will be the most delighted. According to a study by eMarketer, by 2017, almost half of all all online purchasing will be transacted from mobiles itself. To take advantage of increased mobile traffic, following are 5 tools that a prospective marketer will take into account.

1. In App marketing

In-app marketing is the foremost thing when a marketer thinks of engaging marketing space. With In marketing apps, the user gets the maximum benefit and will come back to it more and more. INSERT is the first tool in this category that is being increasingly used. This can be conveniently inserted into the existing iOS and Android apps comfortably.

2. TapReason

TapReason is another very useful tool constantly referred to by the marketers. TapReason gathers relevant data, identifies patterns and trends and then automatically optimizes your app. This increases retention rates which automatically leads to growth in revenues. This goes a longway in greater downloading of Big Data.

3. Personalization with Pontis

Pontis is another popular tool increasingly used for digital customer engagement. It enables to increase conversions, reduce churn and engage customers. Basically Pontis enables the marketer to address each customer with a contextual marketing offer in real time.

4. AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer is another trending tool to measure Ad spend. It is a tool to measure mobile advertising attribution and analytics. This is increasingly used by the marketer to pinpoint their target, optimize ad spend and boost the ROI effectively.

5. AppNext

AppNext is another tool that is in great demand by the marketers. It offers end to end solutions for premium monetization and app growth. This mobile discovery platform helps million of users to experience the apps at the opportune moment throughout the day.

They help app developers promote specific apps and push app recommendations and discovery so that developers can promote and monetize their apps, and users can find personalized apps.

Boost Mobile Traffic

Thomas Burn is a blogger, digital marketing expert and working with Techlofy. Being a social media enthusiast, he believes in the power of writing.

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