Top VPN Deals in 2021: Save on KeepSolid, FastestVPN & more

The web is a dangerous place. These days, you’re only going to spend yet more of your life online. You can try and avoid it but, it’s impossible to do. It’s important that you have security and privacy at the front of your mind as you traverse the online world, especially with the amount of sensitive data we out on our devices and send via the internet. If you use public Wi-Fi networks while out and about, that’s even more important.

A VPN is the first and most important line of defense when it comes to securing yourself from a wide range of powerful cyber threats. If you’re not using one already, it’s time to upgrade. In fact, you can actually score a VPN subscription for less than the price of one cup of coffee or soda each month. We’ve already showcased the best VPN services, but no one likes paying full price.

Best VPN Deals in 2021

To help, we’ve listed five of the most popular VPN deals of 2020 right here, all will deep discounts.

1. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited (Lifetime Deal)

KeepSolid is a name with more than 10 million happy customers trusting the quality of its VPN solution. With KeepSolid’s VPN Unlimited, you can keep your devices free from cyberattacks and browse without any bandwidth limitations.

Whether you’re using a private internet connection or public Wi-Fi, your online privacy and security is far from guaranteed. With top-rated solution VPN Unlimited, you can regain control over your digital life with full security and anonymity online. There are no speed or bandwidth limits, so you’ll still enjoy full browsing speeds, without the dangers of leaving your data exposed or the geographic restrictions set on certain websites abroad (think streaming websites).

==> Get KeepSolid VPN unlimited lifetime subscription just $39 (5 Devices), or you can also save over 90% off right now for 10 devices $59.

2. FastestVPN (Lifetime Deal)

If speed is a priority for you, FastestVPN is naturally one of the better picks. This subscription grants you unlimited access to a wide range of fast and secure servers across the globe, and a no-logging policy means that your movement history is safe from prying eyes.

FastestVPN offers a smart, easy-to-use service for all devices including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Smart TV, and your router. As the name implies, this high-powered VPN operates with 99.9% uptime and gives you access to more than 350 high-speed servers around the globe.

==> Get Fastest VPN lifetime subscription at just $14.99 (2 Devices), $19.99 (5 Devices), or you can save 85% on 10 devices plan at just $34.99.

3. SlickVPN (Lifetime Deal)

Whether you’re traveling abroad or just using your coffee shop’s free WiFi, you’re exposing yourself to major risks when you use a public network. On top of hiding you from potential hackers, Slick VPN lets you browse at blazing speeds enjoy anonymous torrenting, secure encryption, and much more.

SlickVPN provides you the most secure connection possible, completely masking your traffic from anyone, anywhere who might try to observe your online activities. You’ll go anonymous and nobody will see your real IP address. In addition to encrypted connection and privacy, SlickVPN gives you unthrottled speed so you can enjoy your online freedom in the smoothest and most reliable level possible. SlickVPN has gateways in over 45 countries, with over 125 gateways available. No matter where you are, SlickVPN is nearby to keep you safe.

==> Get SlickVPN lifetime subscription at just $19.99.

4. Ivacy VPN (Lifetime Deal)

A common problem with VPNs is that they slow down your bandwidth in order to safeguard your browsing. With Ivacy VPN, you’ll be able to browse the web safely and securely on all of your devices without having to worry about being slowed down.

With a lifetime subscription to this highly-reviewed service, you can unblock and enjoy buffer-less HD streaming of your favorite movies, TV shows, and sports events. Defeat geo-restrictions and embrace internet freedom by connecting to more than 1,000 servers in 100+ locations worldwide! Official partners with the National Cyber Security Alliance, Ivacy VPN promote cybersecurity and privacy education and awareness.

==> Get Ivacy VPN unlimited lifetime subscription just $39.99 (5 Devices), or you can also save over 90% off right now for 10 devices $59.99.

5. BulletVPN (Lifetime Deal)

Enhance your browsing, streaming, and gaming experience with BulletVPN. BulletVPN servers provide a reliable and secure service to protect your traffic from eavesdroppers at home or while on the move. With industry-standard encryption protocols, they offer high-quality connections and use premium grade carrier lines to provide the fastest possible speeds online.

BulletVPN serves a large global network, allowing you to access hundreds of geo-restricted channels across the globe. This VPN service gives you the browsing experience that you need by unblocking top streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, DAZN, and more. BulletVPN is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

==> Get BulletVPN lifetime subscription at just $39.

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Top VPN Deals in 2020

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