Top 5 Best Website Builders for 2021

Having your website today is incredibly easy and anyone can that. This is because there are many website builder programs that enable you to make your own site in no time, and completely according to your own taste. No matter what your business or aspiration is, having your webpage can be done in a few clicks, sometimes for free and sometimes for a symbolic price. However, it’s not always easy to decide which web builder to pick when there are so many choices that differ only in detail, but this list of five best website builders in our opinion will help you make up your mind quickly.

5 Best Website Builders for 2021

1. Strikingly

This website also has a lot to offer, and one of the biggest perks is a customizable address, which will be a subdomain of Strikingly. When it comes to the features, this builder will allow you to pick and choose between templates of which there aren’t that many, and then arrange your website to your liking. What recommends this builder is that the websites created here have an excellent social media presence, along with a Twitter special card and Facebook share image. All offered website templates come with a few basic pages premade, to get you started and give you ideas. Strikingly gives you complete control over the smallest details of your website, which isn’t always the case with other website builders.

2. Squarespace

Squarespace is definitely one of the most used website builder on the internet, which doesn’t surprise much seeing that they probably have the most to offer when it comes to the number of themes and different features. They take pride in simplifying the website creating process and simultaneously raising it to the next level when it comes to the contemporary design of the sites. If you decide to get an annual account on Squarespace, you will momentarily get a free domain for a whole year as well. Templates of the websites are based on the latest HTML and CSS techniques and SEO is strong on the websites you make on Squarespace, due to correct tagging and access to website analytics. At the present time, this website builder has over a million paying clients, which witnesses of their credibility and quality of service.

3. Cabanova

Cabanova is a website builder on the rise, but though it is quite new to the market, it has a lot to offer and is quickly becoming a serious contender for the crème de la crème. For starters, this builder downsized and compressed the website creation process into three steps – choose your template, fill it with the information you want the world to know and launch it. There isn’t much room for complication here, and what you see is what you get. An intuitive interface is another one of Cabanova’s qualities, and if you want to build your website on your tablet, you can easily do that, thanks to the fact that the whole builder is as of a few months ago completely touch screen compatible.

4. Weebly

This one of the best website builder sites that can currently be found on the internet and millions of users have only words of praise for it. Very easy to use and intuitive, this website builder can be used even by complete computer noobs, which is a great advantage, seeing that many people hesitate to create their own website because they don’t think they can handle it properly. On this website, you can create whatever comes to your mind, though blogs and e-commerce websites have especially good reviews. The system of creating webpages is drag-and-drop, the themes you can choose for your sites are beautiful and modern and your website will have a mobile-ready version as well.

5. WordPress

Last, but not least is WordPress, which is best suited for all the people who want to make their web presence noticeable through writing. WordPress is a great tool of bloggers, though it can be just as successfully used in creating pretty much any site you can think of. On their site, you will see that websites coming from their “factory” cover over 20% of the internet, and they have a lot to show for it – great user support, easily customizable websites and excellent SEO coverage for all the prominent search engines.

Creating your own website has never been simpler, and you can easily transfer your vision to the World Wide Web in no time. If you have an idea that you think could benefit from developing into a website, you don’t need a middle man anymore, you can do it yourself so that it caters to your taste and needs perfectly.

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