Connect With Your Favorite Channels And Generate Leads On Autopilot With Boei

TLDR: Plug & play chat and lead generation widget. Connect with WhatsApp, Messenger, Intercom, Skype, Telegram, and many more. Get Boei lifetime deal at just $45.

Did you know that visitors refrain to contact you because they cannot find the communication channel they like? Also, visitors leave your site without converting. These are problems to grow your business.

Boei helps you to chat with your website visitors via their favorite channels.

You can even keep the conversation going even after they’ve left your website.

Installation is super easy and you don’t even need a developer. Plus, Boei is cookie-free and GDPR proof.

Connect With Your Favorite Channels And Generate Leads On Autopilot With Boei 2

Why use Boei?

Get more leads and calls – Customers will easier and faster reach out to you. Have direct contact over WhatsApp or Skype instead of slow emails.

View customers’ profiles, get closer to and engage with them to increase sales – See with who you are dealing via their social profile. Easily qualify your leads.

Meet your customers where they are – Let your customers chat with you via their favorite channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Slack, Telegram and many other chat channels.

Keep the conversation going even after they’ve left your website – You can keep in contact with visitors after they left your website. Increase your conversions by building a relationship.

You’ll get:

✔️Contact Form
✔️Call-to-Action feature
✔️Newsletter sign-up form
✔️Add 25 websites (Stackable)
✔️Customize colors & position
✔️Add Discord, Messenger, Twitter, Line, SMS
✔️Add Snapchat, Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp
✔️Add BotStart, Continually, Crisp, Drift, Froged
✔️Add Intercom, Live Agent, Quriobot, Skype
✔️Connect Social Profiles
✔️Connect Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn
✔️Integrate with Calendly, Email, Google Maps & Waze
✔️GDPR Approved
✔️Install Boei on WordPress, Shopify, custom HTML
✔️Support included
✔️All future updates included
✔️30-day Money Back Guarantee

The following integrations are supported in Boei. You can select as many options as you want: WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Telegram, Google Maps, Email, Skype, Direct call, Instagram, Intercom chat, Crisp chat, Twitter DMs, Snapchat, Links, Line, Viber, Calendly, Twitter page, Facebook page, Waze … and more to come!


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