Boost Project Management Skills with 4 Courses on Lean Six Sigma, just $49

TLDR: Boost Project Management skills and push your business to success with four courses on Lean Six Sigma, and it’s on sale for only $49 today.

Six Sigma is a collection of project management techniques aimed at reducing waste. It’s usually divided into five phases—Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control—and often used in conjunction with the Lean method to streamline processes. When used in tandem, Lean Six Sigma can overhaul business operations and help businesses thrive in a competitive 21st-century marketplace. That’s why Lean Six Sigma Black Belts can command salaries well over $100,000. The Lean Six Sigma Expert Training Bundle can help get you on track to break into this lucrative, in-demand career.

Across four courses and nearly 45 hours of training, this bundle will take you from novice to expert in Lean Six Sigma, all the while preparing you to ace certification exams on your first attempt. You’ll gain an introduction to Lean’s concepts, learning how to optimize processes, increase quality, and drive maximum growth in any business. You’ll get a complete training in Minitab, the statistical software used by project managers to streamline workflows, capitalize on data, and communicate success throughout the organization. Ultimately, you’ll cover the topics required to earn Black Belt certification, setting you up for professional success.

This deal consists of the following courses:

  • Lean Management Certification Training: Take a Data-Driven Approach to Reducing Company Waste
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training: Assist Project Teams & Lead Lean Six Sigma Projects from Start to Finish
  • Minitab Training: Complete Your Project Management Toolbox with This Analytics Essential
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training: Trim the Fat in Your Business with Lean Six Sigma’s Techniques

Right now you can get The Lean Six Sigma Expert Training Bundle for just $49.

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