Organize your Priorities and Boost your Productivity with Focuster, just $59

TLDR: Focuster is the productivity powerhouse that’s designed to help you get more done without stumbling though a clunky interface, and it’s on sale for only $59 today.

Did you know wasted hours of productivity translate to about $1,800 a month in lost revenue per person?

Meet Focuster is designed to help you work more efficiently, so you can get more done in less time and capitalize upon the tasks you complete. Prioritize tasks, auto-schedule them in your calendar, utilize smart reminders, track your progress, and much more.

When you insert a new task into the easy-to-use interface, a task that should take an hour to complete, Focuster automatically slots it into your next available window to get it finished. If you don’t have time in the designated hour, you’re still good — Focuster will independently sort the task into your afternoon, the next day or whenever it best fits your work time constraints.

Tasks are easily prioritized, progress is tracked, reminders are sent and distractions are eliminated, and all with little to no direct sorting by you. You’ll be surprised how much more productive you can be when you don’t have to spend time organizing your productivity.

Focuster Features:

  • Streamlined interface designed to boost focus, increase productivity, prioritize tasks & eliminate distractions
  • Instant calendar rescheduling function automatically updates your priorities
  • Smart reminders keep you focused throughout the day
  • Activity Bar lets you see your day at a glance: completed tasks, pending tasks, time left to finish them, etc.
  • Intuitive interface enables you to easily rank and prioritize tasks
  • Notifications & Now view help you stay fully engaged with the task at hand

A $480 value, you can get lifetime access to the Focuster productivity app for just $59 while this offer lasts.

Not For You?

If this offer doesn’t interest you, you can check out our giveaways on the Techlofy Shop website? There’s also a bunch of freebies you can check out here.


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