Brazil’s ‘no charger’ fine will cost Apple just 0.00007% of its 2020 revenue

Remember when Apple stopped including chargers with iPhones last year? While Apple claimed it was all for the environment, people who didn’t have chargers were furious that they’d now have to buy a separate expensive brick to use their new phones.

But while most of us moaned while forking over our hard-earned cash to Apple, Brazil decides to take action.

In October, Procon-SP, the consumer interest agency for Sao Paulo state, asked Apple to justify not including the charging brick in iPhone boxes. It wasn’t satisfied with the tech giant’s environment-saving answer and said that the charger was an essential part of the phone’s package.

The agency even asked Apple if it would consider discounting the iPhone 12 since it does not include a charger. However, Apple didn’t change anything.

According to Brazilian publication Tilt, the agency has fined Apple for R$10.55 million ($1.92 million). Apart from not including chargers in iPhone boxes, it has also accused Apple of misleading advertisement of iPhone’s water-resistance and unfair term of repairs.

What does that mean for Apple? Nothing. What do you think $2 million is for Apple?

For convenience, let’s round up the fine to $2 million. The price of the base model of the iPhone 12 is $799. So, the fine is equal to 2,503 iPhones. For context, Apple sold 18 million iPhone 12 units in Q4 2020 just in China.

The company’s more expensive item, the Mac Pro, starts at $5,999. With $2 million, the agency could get 333 Mac Pro units.

If we believe Statista, Apple’s annual revenue in 2020 was $274.5 billion. So this fine is just 0.00007285% of its revenue—pocket change.

You get the gist. This fine doesn’t hurt the company anyway, and it could get away with this minor amount, and it can keep peddling iPhones without including chargers or dropping the price—capitalism for the win.

Brazil’s ‘no charger’ fine will cost Apple just 0.00007% of its 2020 revenue

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