From Blogs To Help Articles, Publish & Manage All Your Content With Brick

TLDR: Brick is a super lightweight platform for creating small sites. Imagine if Google Docs was built for making sites. Get Brick lifetime deal at just $19.00.

Alternative to: Notion

From sending instructions to your VA/teammate to emails; blog posts to help articles, you write a lot every single day.

There must be an easier way to publish your content, and help you save tons of time every day.

It’s time to wave goodbye to your procrastination, and write your next piece of content on the go and publish it in less than a minute.

Brick is a very light-weight CMS that helps you write & publish Blogs, Product Documentation & Help Pages collaboratively with your team.

Imagine writing the content in a Google doc, and once you hit publish it’s Live on the web. That’s what Brick does!

To start with, create a new workspace and pick one of the three default themes for your content/blog posts.

Looking for more customization? You can play with the CSS editor & make all the changes you want to.

(Remember, the Brick team is only a click away to help you with this!)

It can be as minimal, professional or more colorful as you want.

You can then invite your team to collaborate with you by sending them the special link to join you. Make sure they’ve also signed up to Brick (the Free tier is good to go)

The WYSIWYG editor allows you to add text, media, tables, custom JS/CSS/HTML (snippets) and social embeds.

The advanced editor gives you full control over the content without worrying about Markdown or Static Site builders.

You can add more pages to your brick website by clicking the “Add Page Inside” option. This comes in handy when you want to build a complete (yet minimalistic) website with Brick, and not just limited to the blog.

Your Brick site can either be hosted as a sub-domain, or you can use your own domain to publish your website.

You can also change the domain name at any time and any links with the page id will work.

Here comes the best part. You can move any of the pages from one website/workspace to another with just 2 clicks.

When you are using Brick for technical documentation, and you only want to share a few pages with your peers/clients, you can just send them the direct link to those pages.

They could only access the specific pages & not the whole documentation (Goodbye to Google docs)

Unlike messy Google Docs. in a giant area, Brick’s Workspace allows you to segment pages by tags and filters.

From colours to fonts, private links to public domains, you can customize Brick to match your brand needs easily.

Normally you would be paying $180 per year to avail its premium plan for just 2 custom domains.

Today, you can get the same plan with 5 custom domains and 2 users for just $19 one-time.

And you can stack up to 5 codes and get unlimited Custom domains with 25 Users for lifetime.

Normally you would pay up to $370/year, but for a limited time only you can get lifetime access starting at $19 one-time.

Buy Brick @ Just $19 (Save Upto 95%)


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