How to Build and Grow a Successful App Business

With the global smartphone usage rising considerably, more and more individuals are using their smartphones as the first and foremost choice for information and entertainment. The rise of smartphone usage spells success for apps, because it is where everyone’s attention is now focused. An estimated 85% of smartphone owners spend their time using apps.

Considering the high usage of apps, you may want to create an app of your own which will bring you steady financial returns. However, you may get confused on how and where to start. Below, we bring to you a step-by-step process on how to build and grow a successful app business.

Map out a plan

Are you planning to create an app just for fun? Or are you looking to develop one as a business? Either way, you need to map out the purpose of your app. List down the specs and features that you want your app to have, the platforms you want to release it on, and finally the benefit it will bring to users.

Having a definite and clear goal will cut down the time you will require to complete the app. However, you will need to be precise, functional and to the point while listing down potential app features.

Emulate successful apps

Which app do people love most? How can you know? Well, go to the app stores of your choice and take a look at the top rated apps with the highest number of downloads. Look at their specs and features and try to emulate them or come up with something better. By doing so, you will get to know what appeals to the masses most in terms of ideas and design and naturally follow the lead.

For example, when Chad Mureta, a successful appreneur was planning to develop an Emoji app, he thoroughly researched on the existing Emoji apps, found vulnerabilities in them, and came up with a much better Emoji app. Using this strategy, Mureta was able to create a successful app.

Hire a designer and developer

Although the internet is inundated with tons of DIY app design and development programs, it is better if you hire the services of a seasoned designer and developer, because only professionals can deliver a satisfactory product. Ensure that your app includes the following:

  • A minimalistic design and user friendly interface.
  • Must meet every specific requirement for the platform it is built for.
  • Must be fast, efficient and bug free.
  • Must be distinct from others.

Should reflect your brand

That said, only a reputable company with seasoned professionals can deliver an app that meets the above criteria. Also, make sure that the company / developer / designer whom you decide to work with signs an NDA (non- disclosure agreement) so that your product idea can remain confidential.

Test before launch

Now that your app is complete, test it ruthlessly to ensure that everything is functional and working the way it is supposed to. Make sure the app responds to every request quickly, doesn’t hang up in between operations and incorporates every specification you listed for it.

If it doesn’t perform as per expectations, you have to make sure that it is returned to the developer/designer to fix any lagging issue, so that you can have a perfect app ready for launch.

Market your app

Even before releasing your app, you should market it so as know which group of people it appeals to the most. That way, you can then be able to devise clever and effective marketing strategies. QUAD (a bulk messenger app) for instance, understood that the app messenger market is highly competitive, therefore targeted the marketing of its app to specific groups (e.g. college students) that were in need of bulk messaging, something that other messenger apps didn’t provide. By doing so, it was able to thrive in the highly competitive messenger niche app market.

Another way of marketing your app is by seeking out networking events such as tech contests and competitions. Pitching your app in one of these events will not only give it exposure, but may attract the attention of angel investors, who will in turn ensure that more resources are invested into the app.

Your app will need constant upgrades from time to time and so does your marketing. You can alter the keywords and description of your app to match the current trend in the app search engines in addition to giving your apps icon a new look every time you upgrade it.

You have to keep on making keen observations of the market trends and alter you app accordingly each time you deem fit.


After releasing your app, it is of paramount importance that your developer does not ignore the after launch issues that may crop up with it. Ensure that your app receives due support from the developer whenever required. Various platforms constantly release new OS updates, make sure that your app catches up with the latest updates on the platform it is released on.


Building and sustaining an app business requires focus on the right methodologies and effective marketing techniques. Anyone can build an app, but only a few can take it to heights of success. The above tips should make it easier for you to build and sustain a successful app.

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