Can Your Business Benefit from an Mobile App

There’s a saying out there: “If you are not on Google, you don’t exist”. This is nowadays, more than true. Regardless of the type of business a company is in, without a website, no one will ever hear about it, unless we’re talking about decades-old brands, such as McDonald’s and Nike. Seeing as how most of the world is ‘connected’ via devices such as smartphones and tablets, businesses around the world have started developing their very own apps, in addition to websites.

Why Does My Company Need Its Own App?

It’s a popular opinion that mobile apps are reserved only for big brands. This opinion, however, is a misconception. An increasing number of small and medium-size businesses are developing their own apps. This is an effective strategy which offers even more than the basically obligatory company website.

Having your own app, as a business, means being visible to your customers at all times. According to research, an average American spends more than two hours a day on their mobile device. What are they doing? Well, they are using apps and, although apps such as Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and Instagram make up for most of the time spent on smartphones, the fact that the user has to go through a number of apps on their phone, both on their home screens and store apps means that in this way, you are basically advertising your business.

Your company will benefit from creating a direct marketing channel for providing general information, such as prices, booking forms, search features, messengers, news feeds, etc. Building a brand and brand recognition is also a benefit of having an app – you can do whatever you want with it, which means it’s basically a billboard sign. You can make it functional, stylish, modern; this way, you are boosting your brand. Additionally, the more your users interact with your app, the sooner will they want to buy your product or service, i.e. effective frequency.

By means of a mobile app, you can also inform your users of your new products and offers and sync their email and social media accounts – all in all, having an app, as a company, can help you in many ways, but how much does it cost?

How Expensive is App Development?

Well, unfortunately, if you are a small startup, the chunk of your budget that app development requires might just be too large. This creates a problem for small firms, seeing as how they usually can’t afford this and they can’t really achieve progress without the benefits of having an app. However, it’s a matter of fact that a large number of small companies own their own apps; but how do they do it?

Well, this is where app makers, such as Windows App Studio and BiznessApps kick in – with apps like these, even small businesses can make a basic app, which will boost their interaction with the customers.

A free app maker is convenient for a number of business venues and professions, such as bars, clubs, restaurants, bands, DJs, health and spa centers, dentist offices, car repair shops, realtors, lawyers, gyms, fitness venues, service contractors, even golf clubs. In fact, free app makers are more than convenient for a vast majority of small businesses.

Your Website and Your App Should Be Connected

Okay, so now we know how important having an app is and we’ve already mentioned that a company is basically non-existent without a website. But connecting your app with your website is of huge importance – this way, you’re advertising your website through your app, as well as vice-versa. In other words, the two should be similar in appearance, for the sake of brand building; and they should be integrated, in order to spread your brand recognition more efficiently.

The world is evolving in terms of technology with each new day – every day increasing amounts of even more intelligent apps are being made. It’s clear that the world of tomorrow is difficult to imagine without apps. This is perhaps the very essence of why having your app is a necessity rather than luxury.


Editorial Staff at Techlofy is a team of Digital Marketing experts led by Ashfaq Ahmad.

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