Saves Your Live Caption Transcripts from Google Meet with CaptionSaver Pro

TLDR: CaptionSaver Pro is a Chrome Extension that saves your live caption transcripts from Google Meet so you’ll never miss a word again. Get CaptionSaver lifetime deal at just $24.99.

These days, people are spending more time on video conferences than they ever have before – for business as well as for leisure. While you may have spent some time considering the do’s and don’ts of video conferencing, you may not have thought as much about how to get the most out of your video meetings. One of the most important things you can do in any meeting is to take notes – and with CaptionSaver Pro, you’ll have the power to do so automatically without losing your focus on the meeting at hand.

CaptionSaver has earned 213 upvotes on Product Hunt because it provides an elegant way to make your video meetings more actionable. This simple Chrome extension automatically saves all Google Meet live captions to your Google Drive for easy access later. It’s the seamless note-taking tool you didn’t know you needed.

With CaptionSaver, you can discuss all of the important bullet points on your agenda, and simply type out a caption to save a note. It also offers features like highlighting and timestamps for enhanced, automated, note-taking capabilities.

Setting it up is easy. Just join any meeting as you normally would, and CaptionSaver will turn on captions for you so you don’t have to click anything. Then, CaptionSaver will save the caption transcript as your meeting goes on. When the meeting is over, click on the Chrome extension to view captured captions, then save them to your drive or download a .TXT file. (You can also autosave to Google Drive if you’d prefer.)

CaptionSaver Pro offers unlimited caption saves, and right now, it’s available for an extra 15 percent off when you use promo code VDAY2021 at checkout. That brings a lifetime deal down to just $21.25.

Prices are subject to change.

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