Different Ways To Use Case Studies For Marketing

Case studies for marketing are very important as almost everyone runs to the internet before buying any product. It is very common to ask friends or family about a particular product which they own, before buying a similar product. Most of the people look for an opinion before buying a product so that they can get an idea if they are making a good choice or not. Obviously, no one wants to make a bad investment, that is why everyone tries to get some idea about the product before buying it.

Most people turn to the internet before buying anything, which makes case studies important. Case studies are the way to analyze a particular case or a product so as to give complete information about the application and result of the case. Basically, it is a very essential element to convince the users that they are making a perfect choice. Let us have a look at some of the ways to use case studies in marketing:

Create a page dedicated to Case Studies on your website


Whenever a user wants to buy a product, they visit the product website for sure. The best way is to create a page totally dedicated to case studies on your website. The page should contain relevant information about your product. It must mention the approaches, goals, processes, and more specific details you want to add. The aim of the case study should be to convince the customer and this motive should be clearly reflected in your case study. Also, present results in an effective manner to convince your customers. You should add details about the success of your product.

Create a blog about case studies related to your product

Another way to present case studies about your product to your customers is by creating a blog. Creating a blog can be very helpful in attracting a number of customers as according to studies, customers turn to the verified website or blogs firstly before buying a product. One benefit of creating a blog is that you may create more than one post which lets you keep your customers updated. Another benefit is that you can add posts dedicated to specific topics. You can update your blog regularly or according to the requirements. You can add special posts dedicated to issues, FAQs, solutions, or others.

Attaching Case Studies to the newsletter


Once a customer subscribes to your newsletter, it is your responsibility to keep them updated about your product. Add case stories to your product to make them feel part of your community and look at you as a reliable brand. Newsletter case studies need not be very long and detailed like the ones present on a dedicated page and blog. But note this point, never compromise with them. Because good and updated case studies will make your customers feel good and there are chances they may recommend your product to others.

Make videos for case studies


Videos are an integral part of marketing. It is a genuine fact that everyone will prefer watching a video based on a case study instead of reading the whole lengthy study itself. Videos can be innovative, creative, and specific based on your choice. They must not be a rough description of cases study but must include some creative elements so as to ensure that the customer is watching it effectively. You can more than one video in your case study for different sections, this will make your case study user-friendly.

Use of social media


Social Media acts are the most essential tool for your marketing. It can also play an important role in introducing case studies for marketing. You can use social media as a tool to post links to your case studies. On your LinkedIn account, you can post links and details about your case studies. You can add videos about case studies to the social media along with a link to make customers aware of it. You can add links to your LinkedIn groups. Just the way you popularize your product on social media, do the same with your case studies.

Add Case Studies to Home Page of your website

You can add case studies to your home page too. One benefit of adding case studies to the home page is that whenever someone will visit the homepage, case studies will present a better outlook of your product. Add case studies to your homepage with the help of CTA and in-slide CTA. You can also add quotes or testimonials by customers. These testimonials can also be in video format which will make them more effective. You can create CTA which will directly lead your customers to the specific page designed for case studies.

Feature your case studies on relevant pages

Some various pages or websites are specifically designed to present an outlook of the product to the customers. You can use such a page to feature your case studies. This will help you increase your customers as the audience of that page will be able to view your case study. Always add a link to your website so that the customer can reach out to you. Always try to post unique and presentable content whenever it is about other pages as any user visiting that page will be obviously comparing your product with other products as well. Your product must appear better than the rest.

Make Case Studies available in PDF Format

It is very important to avail your case studies in PDF format which can be easily downloaded by your customers. These PDFs will help you in both marketing as well as sales. They can be used in emails. They can be used at the end of your newsletter. They can be attached to your social media handles. You can create a PDF format of case study through the case study template which will save you time and make it easy for you to create so. These case study templates are easily available on the web.

Case Study should be personalized

It is the most relatable tip if you put your self in place of a customer. The case study must be personalized so that the customer can easily relate to it. If the customer is from Indian and the case study is from Japan, obviously they will find it hard to relate. Also, try to figure out your audience. Find out what is common among them and try to create a case study by keeping those things in mind.

Final Verdict

Case studies have become very important for marketing and sales as no one buys anything before enquiring about it. The main motive of a case study is to provide details about your product and convince your customer wisely that your product is the best choice for them. You can use testimonials, data, results, process, and more to make it effective and convince your customers.

Different Ways To Use Case Studies For Marketing
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