Why Do You Need Catchy Taglines or Slogans for Your Brand?

Most of the successful brands have catchy taglines or slogans which not only their customers but anyone who has ever come across their tagline would remember it. These catchy taglines or slogans have become so important that almost every brand has it.

A tagline or a slogan associated with a brand is a way to identify it. It gives you a brief description of the product. These are too positive, simple, and catchy that you will remember them forever. There are a lot of reasons why should you introduce a catchy slogan for your brand and we will also clarify those reasons. So, let us have a look why do you need catchy taglines or slogans for your brand?

What is a tagline or a slogan?

Every brand has a tagline or a slogan associated with it. One or two lines are simple but impactful. It is just a small phrase that is combined in such a way that you will get information about the company. Taglines and slogans are a method to introduce your product and introduce it. It audibly represents your brand just like a logo visually advertises your brand. Both logos and slogans are important as they are successful in getting the attention of consumers. Though slogan and tagline are used interchangeably, a minor difference is that taglines can be shorter than slogans.

Why do need a tagline or a slogan for your brand?

Now you know what a slogan or tagline is and what purpose it serves. It is for advertising your product but many people do not think it necessary to introduce these slogans. They think that a logo, good performance, good portfolio, and advertisement is enough. But consider the tagline, “I’m loving it”. What came to your mind? Of course, everyone is aware of the catchy and famous tagline of McDonald’s.

Catchy Taglines Mcdonald

Similarly, whenever you introduce a tagline for your brand, it becomes an identification of your product. In the case of McDonald’s, it is not the only food chain available in the global market. You have other food chains as well but what the tagline differentiates it from others. McDonald’s is an old player in the market but if your brand is new, one of the ways to make people remember your brand and differentiates from others is a tagline or a slogan. It will serve as an identity of your brand. It is as important as a logo so that even if someone will listen to your tagline they will remember your brand.

Why does a tagline or slogan need to be catchy?

Having a catchy tagline is equally important as having it. Most of the people introduce technical, long, and monotonous slogans which are, to be frank, of no use. Again considering “I’m loving it”, it is not only and crisp but also catchy. The use of a catchy slogan is that whenever anyone looks at your commercial or listens to it, chances are that even if they are not listening to it properly, a catchy slogan tends to remain in their head.

The next time, whenever they will listen to it, they will able to identify your brand. Also, continuously listening to a catchy slogan will increase the chance of them trying it out. Whatever product you sell, you will be having tremendous competition in the market. At the same time, creating awareness about your brand is also a big step. To do this, using a catchy brand is very important.

What makes a slogan or a tagline catchy?

You can choose any slogan for your brand and introduce it in your advertising campaigns but it is of no use till it is catchy. It should be something with which people can connect with. Just like a catchy chorus of a song, your slogan should retain in the heads of the public. Let us have a look at some of the points which you should keep in mind while designing a tagline or slogan for your brand.

Keep it short

Ever seen a brand with two or three lines explaining about their product? Almost all successful brands keep their taglines short. As it is specified in the definition that is a small phrase. Yes, a slogan can be longer than a tagline but not too long to turn it into a monotonous phrase. It should be a maximum of two lines, that too if it is too simple and catchy. Otherwise, a single tagline or small slogan is fine. A small tagline or slogan will help your customers to remember it easily. Also, short phrases are retained in the brain without any conscious effort too.

Keep it straight

Do not beat around the bush in your slogan or introduce your history or irrelevant details. It should be straight enough to make a point. A straight introduction or identification of your brand. Just like KFC says, ‘It’s finger-licking good’. It straightway explains that the brand is a food brand and also give a positive impact on the brand.


Simple is best

The simpler it is, the more famous it will be. Using technical words or jargon in your tagline or slogan would not let laymen connect with it. If you will use technical phrases and extremely long and ornamental words, people will not even be able to understand it. Rest would not want to listen to it anyway. Those who will listen will not be able to remember. The phrase should be memorable, not complex.

It should impart positivity

The use of a tagline is not only to tell others about your brand but also to convince them to go for your brand. It should impart positivity about your brand. It should tell how is it better than other brands and what makes it different from others. This will help you to advertise your product better.

Final Words

Catchy taglines or slogans are as important as a logo or other ways of advertising. These help you to create awareness about your brand and popularize them. Brands are about customers and you always need your product to be advertised in such a way that it attracts more and more customers. A catchy tagline or slogan will soon become an integral part of life and make them try your product.

Why Do You Need Catchy Taglines or Slogans for Your Brand
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