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App Store Optimization ASO Internet 

Benefit Your Business with App Store Optimization (ASO) Techniques

The best thing about app store optimization companies is that they promote mobile-first approach of promoting your newly launched application. As per the current trends, it is all about the visibility your app is getting, which decides the success of the same in the app store. These companies, thus can help you along the journey of providing more clarity to your business. People spend more than 85% of their day time browsing through app and this is more of an opportunity for businesses to attract users towards their app. All…

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SEO Internet SEO 

How Customer Experience Affects SEO

The first thing anyone does when they find out about your business is go and check it out online. What they see on your website is probably something that will help them make up their mind on whether to do business with you or not. A lot of things they encounter on your website will help them make a mental image about the way your business works, which is why you need to make sure it is as user-friendly as possible. As of lately, Google has realized the importance of…

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IoT Internet IoT Technology 

Ways in which IoT is Changing the World

One of the greatest hypes in technology in the present times is brought about by the Internet of Things. We are about to enter into a future that is extremely connected and the expectations from the Internet of Things based devices are too high, as of now. Although, we are already seeing the effects of the Internet of Things based devices, we are yet to see the near-ubiquitous device connectivity and its trans formative effects. There are many technologies that are evolving around IoT and we find their applications across…

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Home Network Internet 

5 Great Reasons to Learn How to Set Up Your Home Network

Once you sign a contract and get DSL internet, you’ll probably get a router that sends out the WiFi signal around your home. That is the first thing that you need to set up a home network. After that, it’s all about following instructions and connecting your computers and appliances. Still, this is one of those things that can play out very easily or go completely wrong. But it is worth your while. Here are the 5 reasons you need a home network. Sharing the Files You can have a…

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pop-up ads Google Internet Technology 

Google will punish sites that use annoying pop-up ads

Google is about to deal a small blow to some of the most annoying ads on mobile: pop-ups and interstitials. It’s not a stretch to argue that readers don’t like these ads. So Google is making a call that websites that use pop-ups and interstitials are worse search results and may rank them lower because of it. There are a “hundreds of signals” that go into Google’s search result rankings, so it’s not like every website that uses these ads will feel pressured to remove them overnight. If a site…

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Dating App Apps Internet 

With Caution it is Possible to Meet the right Person through Online Dating App

In the midst of the busy mechanical life, it is hard to find the destined partner. To connect people and make them fall in love a new app was developed called the dating app. With the help of the dating app, both men and women can find their partner who matches with their interest and likes. There is a wide range of variety in the dating app, were some dating app is for those who are looking for a serious relationship while there are apps for people with common interests…

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Website Builders Blogging Internet WebDev WordPress 

Top 5 Website Builders for 2016

Having your website today is incredibly easy and anyone can that. This is because there are many website builder programs that enable you to make your own site in no time, and completely according to your own taste. No matter what your business or aspiration is, having your webpage can be done in a few clicks, sometimes for free and sometimes for a symbolic price. However, it’s not always easy to decide which web builder to pick when there are so many choices that differ only in details, but this list of…

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Reverse Hijacking Internet 

Reverse Hijacking and How to Deal with It

The greatest problem with doing business on the internet is the fact that term intellectual property, for some inexplicable reason, still seems quite vague in the eyes of the law. Still, website content like images, text or videos are not the only thing that is prone to theft. Stealing one’s domain name is as bad as stealing the name of the company. However, what do you do when you are unjustly accused of stealing someone else’s domain name without doing so. This is so called reverse hijacking and it can…

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SEO Friendly Blog Blogging Internet SEO 

5 Crucial Tips for a More SEO Friendly Blog

If you have conducted any recent searches on Google lately, and those searches have used long tail keywords (most people use long-tail keyword searches now), you have probably discovered that among the top 8-10 results can easily be blog posts rather than websites. For example, a Google search with the term “tips for increasing conversions” obviously had a huge result. One of the big mistakes for a business is not to have a blog; one of the bigger mistakes is to have a blog that is not maintained with regularly…

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Negative Blog Comment Blogging Internet 

How to Deal with Negative Blog Commenters

You’ve written a great piece on your travel blog. You recently returned from Vietnam, let’s say, and you want all of your readers to know how beautiful it is, how wonderful the people and food are. You have addressed the huge contrast between urban and rural life with personal examples of places you visited and locals you met. Fundamentally, you are encouraging others to consider a trip to Vietnam, and you have provided photographs to entice them. The next day, you are reading through the conversations, and whoa! There it…

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