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ZoConvert vs Botletter Chatbot 

ZoConvert vs Botletter: Facebook Messenger Marketing Tool Comparison

In the last few years, ZoConvert has emerged as the go-to messenger marketing tool for professional bloggers & marketers. Some of the most prominent bloggers have made the switch from Botletter or other popular tools to ZoConvert. But what is so special about ZoConvert that made these bloggers and marketers switch from their trusted messenger marketing platform? ZoConvert seems to do most things right in a quick and efficient manner. But there are still a few areas where Botletter has an edge over newer services like ZoConvert. Both these platform…

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Top 6 Chatbot Development Platforms Chatbot Top 

Top 6 Powerful Platforms to Build a ChatBot (Non-Coding Chatbot Platforms)

A physical store.  A Website. A Social Media Presence. An App. Now it’s imperative to have a Chatbot to be relevant and ahead in the race. But what’s more important is to take the veil off and see the true potential of getting in with AI and Chatbots. The biggest and the best in business had little to lose when they invested in Chatbots a couple of years ago – but maybe that’s the reason why market research and trend forecasting matters. Chatbots are clearly impacting businesses left, right and…

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zoconvert review Chatbot Reviews 

ZoConvert Review: Best Facebook Messenger Marketing Platform

The run-for-the-money that ChatBots have given to the traditional online marketers over the last year has surely made everyone in the food chain put in efforts to be ahead of the learning curve. Being in the industry, one has to learn and adapt just to make it through the week; especially when new ChatBots features and complicated dashboards are being released regularly. So, today, in this piece, we will be discussing the ChatBot that may suit your requirements as a digital marketer or otherwise – after all, who doesn’t need…

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Startups Chatbot Startups Technology 

11 New Bot Startups to be Funded by Slack

Slack is one of the hottest startups in Silicon Valley, but we see that there is lack of shine in it, as there is dampening of the rapid pace of growth that it has seen over all these years.  The growth that was attributed to the intuitive chat-based interface, supporting seamless communication all over the organization. This often leads into low-value socializing and procrastination from the employees, enough to drive away businesses from Slack, as believed by TechCrunch. Slack Technologies Inc, the workplace collaboration tool has a $ 80 million…

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Chatbot for Travel Industry Chatbot Technology 

What’s New in Chatbot for Travel Industry

Chatbot are one of the most innovative discoveries under artificial intelligence regime. It is a revolutionary technique that has helped brands such as Facebook, Amazon, Google & Apple to track client orders in real time. As the scope and influence of technology is increasing chatbots are promising to offer better services in travel industry. Chatbots are becoming more commonplace nowadays particular in the travel industry. The advent of machine learning is yet to leverage the industry with effective advantages that is of course not possible with conventional marketing methods. Machine…

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Chatops Chatbot Technology 

How Chatops is Bringing Innovation in Developer’s Way of Working

Marking 2016 as the year of chatbot is probably true as it has seen a number of exceptional technology taking shape for making developers job easy. As it was mentioned earlier that chatbots have benefitted a number of sectors including travel, retail, enterprises; it is sure to get more prominent in 2017. The innovative technology has seen the shifting from point-and -click based apps to chat-based user interfaces. Additionally, software development has also gone through this trend. Chatops, is the term coined by GitHub in 2013 when it created its…

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