Chingari app- A desi version to TikTok

With the nation-wide TikTok ban as a response to the threat the app is posing towards the privacy, the defense, and the security forces, there has been an upsurge in the video creating platforms by Indian developers and app designers. One such application that has taken the nation by storm and has peaked popularity amongst the Indian community is the Chingari app. The word standing for fire, this application has quite literally lit up in its downloads and emerged as the finest Indian alternative for TikTok.

Let’s delve deep into this, shall we?

Chingari- What’s this app


The Chingari app that has proved to be the new Indian version of TikTok, is a video making and sharing platform. It was programmed by two Bengaluru-based programmers, Biswatma Nayak and Siddharth Gautam. The app made its debut on Google Play Store in 2018 and was launched on Apple App Store in 2019.

The app recently took a hit and crossed 25 lakh downloads from an average number of 6 lakhs within ten days. This can be credited to the banning of TikTok and the wave of utilizing apps that originate from our own country. It has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Google Play Store and has a rating of 3.9 out of 5 on Apple App Store.

How did this app gain sudden significance

With immense popularity in India, the Chingari App houses more than 10,000 creators. Biswatma Nayak, one of the creators of this app mentioned it to be a Modern India’s move where this app acts as a progressive step towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for “Vocal for Local.” Thus apart from being a platform of content creation and building a community of artists, this application has been specially developed in India for Indians. Hence, its significance can be associated with a nationalist sentiment as well. It has also gained a lot of attention on various social media platforms.

This application is constantly being updated and developed to suit the audience. Sumit Ghosh, the co-founder of Chingari commented, “Chingari has been engineered and developed for over two years with regular feedback from the users to cater to the fast-moving needs of modern Bharat. Also, Chingari ensures transparency and the highest data privacy standards.”

Features of Chingari

  • The application is extremely regional. Thus, apart from English and Hindi, it incorporates several languages like Bangla, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu.
  • Once you download the application for free and choose your language you are a spectator to the three main screens or tabs of the application, i.e.Videos, News, and Game Zone.
  • The video part resembles many similar applications like TikTok or Likee. All you need to do is swipe up or down for more videos. If you wish to see the creator’s profile, you need to click on the creator’s profile picture on the bottom and you can see all the videos as a timeline.
  • The Game tab i.e. the Game Zone is an entertaining and fun addition to this video streaming application. This app allows you to play mini-games, where you can earn Paytm Cash or points. There is an endless list of mini-games which are widely played. These include Bingo, Quiz, Cut the Rope, Sudoku, and many more.
  • This application is a blend of both entertainment and information. The information part is achieved with the News tab on the application. It provides all pieces of news from different publishers and reliable sources. You can either access it with a single tap or view the news based on different categories. This tab also houses a ‘For you’ section to add to the personalized efficiency.
  • One of the prominent features of this application is that it enables you to download any WhatsApp Status through this application within a single tap if you have viewed it previously on WhatsApp. Thus, you can easily download content and share it with family and friends across various platforms.
  • This application also offers a detailed note on the privacy policy on its website, to ensure transparency. The basic permission it asks for is to access your phone camera, your location, and your microphone for its smooth working.

How does this app benefit creators

image for Chingari

Apart from having a vibrant platform to create multiple videos and meeting a community of creators, the Chingari application offers the content creator with monetary benefits too. In a statement, the company verified that the creators will be paid on the grounds of how popular their video gets and how big a sensation the creator becomes. For every one video, the creator uploads on the application, their points per view are counted and it can be redeemed for money.

Final Thoughts

Chingari application is a venture that has made a promising mark as an alternative Indian medium to creators who wish to explore their talent. The application has vibrant features and allows easy compatibility, free downloading, browsing, video making, and sharing. It has an impressive user interface and has been designed specifically to suit the Indian community.

We hope this comprehensive review was your one-stop guide to the Chingari application and you are on your way to creating some fun content.

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