This Complete Blockchain & Ethereum Programmer Bundle is only $29 (98% OFF)

The Complete Blockchain and Ethereum Programmer Bundle offer 10 courses to assist you to learn more about blockchain. You can learn about programming blockchain, cryptocurrency mining, and trading cryptocoins. It’s on sale for $29 (98% OFF).

What’s the deal?

This deal contains the following courses:

  1. Blockchain Programming with Hyperledger
    Learn Blockchain Programming & Develop a Supply Chain Application Using Hyperledger Composer
  2. The Complete Hyperledger Fabric Fundamentals Course
    Understand the Fundamentals of Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain & How It Can Be Used in Various Industries
  3. The Complete Blockchain Professional Course
    Understand What Blockchain is & How It’s Used in Various Industries
  4. The Complete Guide to Blockchain Use Cases
    Learn How Blockchain is Being Used in Different Industries with Real-World Blockchain Use Cases
  5. Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency Mining
    Understand & Master a Cryptocurrency Mining System with No Affiliate Marketing, No High Startup Costs, and More
  6. The Complete Cryptocurrency Course: More than 5 Courses in 1
    Learn Everything You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency & Blockchain, Including Investing, Mining, and More
  7. Cryptocurrency Trading: Complete Guide To Trading Altcoins
    Understand Cryptocurrency Trading, From Basic Concepts to the Strategies on How to Make Initial Coin Offerings Profitable
  8. Ethereum Developer: Build A Decentralised Blockchain App
    Get a Good Start on Developing Decentralized Blockchain Apps, Learn Solidity & Develop Ethereum-Based Apps
  9. Ethereum Blockchain Developer: Build Projects Using Solidity
    Know-How to Work with the Ethereum Blockchain & Create Your Projects On Your Own
  10. Ethereum Developer Masterclass: Build Real-World Projects
    Launch an Initial Coin Offering & Build a Decentralized Exchange on the Blockchain Using Solidity

For a full description of the course, and instructor info, click here.

What’s the benefit?

This Complete Blockchain & Ethereum Programmer Bundle normally costs a whopping $1,861.99, but you can get it for only $29 for a limited time – that means you’ll save $1,832.99 (98%).

More Info

In few cases, such as with Online Courses, a store credit refund within 15 days of purchase is possible if you are unhappy with it; this does not apply to all the deals, so please check the terms on the page before making a purchase.


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