Learn the Most Important Aspects of Programming With This $30 Course

TLDR: This 14-Hour Collection Teaches You How to Code via a User-Friendly and Comprehensive Format. The 2020 Comprehensive Programming Collection at just $29.99.

Web development and coding are ubiquitous skills that can be used within the tech industry itself and in a variety of other fields. Whether you’re looking to bring something new to your current workplace or want to pursue a career in a new area, learning programming will help you access a breadth of new opportunities.

The 2020 Comprehensive Programming Collection is a 9-course, 14-hour programming boot camp that takes place 100% online. Kick-off your career as a web developer from the comfort of your own home with this beginner-friendly course bundle.

Dive into the fundamental coding languages and techniques including JavaScript, Python, TensorFlow, Keras, HTML, React, Xcode, XML and more. Get hands-on experience with machine learning, Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) for image classification, mobile game development with Unity, building a micro-strategy game, developing an AR app, building web apps and more.

Courses are organized around topics and usages rather than programming languages alone, allowing you to learn skills in ways that allow you to apply them to real-life scenarios. Priced at $1,650 when sold separately, this 9-course, 160 lesson bundle has been marked down to just $29.99. Get started on the 2020 Comprehensive Programming Collection to gain the skills you need to become a developer or programmer.

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