Multiply Your Revenue Per Ad by 243% with this Facebook Interest Targeting Tool

TLDR: ConnectExplore is a growth hacking tool to uncover hidden, profitable, and untapped Facebook interests to target with Facebook Ads. Get ConnectExplore lifetime deal at just $197.

In the modern era of digitalization, social media marketing has become the most effective way to promote the products and services of a company.

Facebook is the most common platform that is used by big and small businesses for their promotional activities.

Business owners go through a lot of marketing strategies on Facebook for creating better responses from new buyers as well as existing customers.

Though Facebook includes some convenient ways for connecting to the target audience at a lower cost, Facebook’s advert manager lacks the tricks of attracting the target audience accurately and buy, ConnectExplore comes as the best interest targeting tool for Facebook.

ConnectExplore is a growth hacking tool to uncover hidden, profitable, and untapped Facebook interests to target with Facebook Ads. It is fully integrated with Facebook™’s Ad API which is only privileged to a handful of companies after passing stringent requirements.

Why do you need ConnectExplore?

ConnectExplore is a unique Facebook interest targeting software that automatically searches and prepares a list of capable buyers for your products depending on their choices.

Being the best interest targeting tool for Facebook it focuses and directs your Facebook advertisements towards those potential buyers.

As the best Facebook interest finder, ConnectExplore finds Facebook hidden targeting audiences and gives way to new opportunities for a company.

As per my experience, it is the best Facebook interest targeting tool that gives quick and accurate results.

ConnectExplore Features:

ConnectExplore is based upon an easy and understandable ‘audience search’ interface. If you simply put a few search items, you will be provided with a list of relevant targeting areas.

After that, if a few of these are selected, then you will also be offered suggestions for more with the feature of automated suggestions” which is important for reaching the appropriate target audience on Facebook.

In this software, split testing is also not needed as it shows the most rewarding interests in real-time. Then, the under-performing interests can be erased with just a single click.

Connect Explore Features

How does Connect Explore Work?

ConnectExplore goes through four simple steps to perform better marketing campaigns. These steps include,

Discovery: Firstly, it discovers Facebook ads hidden interests from your competitors that you can also target.

Filter: After that, it filters the list according to the best options and best potential buyers who will be interested to buy the products and services offered by you.

Target: Then, those results are applied to the selected interests for achieving the highest return on your investment (ROI).

Monitor and Analyze: Lastly, the applied interests are closely monitored. They are tracked based on their performance like which ones are giving the best reward and to save money and efforts, the failing interests are discontinued.

Plan Details and Pricing:

$197 Plan

  • Integrate Facebook™ ads account
  • Find lucrative Interests
  • Smart Filters
  • Search with Multiple Keywords
  • Autosuggest feature finds you all related keywords
  • Save Interests as projects you can build on overtime
  • Foreign language targeting option – 43 supported languages
  • 30-days refund policy

By signing up today, you’ll get a lifetime account to ConnectExplore for only $197 (one-time payment) instead of paying $297/year later on. As a special bonus, you’ll get a Free 30-day trial of ConnectSuite which continues into $97 per month after 30 days, unless you cancel. You can cancel anytime, and you’ll keep ConnectExplore!

Then get your ConnectExplore lifetime deal today!

Facebook Interest Targeting Tool

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