Considering Factors for Enterprise Messaging Apps

Another way to describe workflow messaging is team collaboration and this is emerging fast as a way to resolve the issues related to enterprise wide communication. There are many employers who are hesitant to deploy a messaging system for their organization.The idea of using mobile devices as the employees communicate with each other, seems to prove counterproductive primarily, on account of two reasons. The first is the risk that is involved in exposing the organizational data and the next reason is of course slowing down of workforce productivity. In the near future, we will see that 70-80% of internal communication of an organization will be done through these apps, using mobile devices like that of smartphones and tablets.

You might not be sure about using these organizational messaging apps, like Slack or Spark, to start with, in the very beginning. If you use the right messaging app technology, then there are obvious benefits of using them. These are:

Enhanced Messaging Security; Device to device encryption is leveraged by the messaging apps.

Account Controls that are Streamlined; The more advanced of the apps work with a central repository, which increases you ability to access and control the various accounts.

Improvement in Employee Processes; Improving the Collaboration levels and sharing files quickly, regardless of wherever that happens.  

Real-time Communication; The enterprise apps are reliable and offers real-time collaboration capable of solving some urgent needs.

Following are some of the factors that needs to be considered by you, for an enterprise messaging app:


The workstream works as a dashboard and a portal. It is integrated with other workflow related applications and which is effective in bringing together of people, communications and content under a singular platform. Teams, directories and permissions are included in the team. Documents and portals to other apps comprise of the document. Asynchronous and real-time communication is part of communications.

Conversation Format

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) was the starting point of workstream messaging. These are solutions that presents the conversations in a chronological order. New messages are added to the stack, but again this works well with the smaller groups. As the team grows, so also the conversational strings. Side conversations are added and the conversations become noisy as well hard to follow. So far as Slack is concerned, threaded conversation was the demand for its users. The threaded conversations are created and then placed outside the main conversation. Reduction of noise in the side conversation happens, with private messages only, which are not searchable.

Telephone Based Support

The workstream messaging solutions are based on real-time, point-to-point video/ voice calling. The benefit of the enterprise messaging apps lies in the extent to which users can achieve something, while working with a single applications. There is a response to an information and that triggers a conversation, transitioning among voice and video.


Many of the enterprise messaging apps offer productivity boosting bots. The advanced AI based solutions learns from the responses and associate people with tasks and actions. The bots simply perform their tasks passively, without any need to be actively summoned. The bots can work on human/machine-generated texts. Implementing the actions.


This is one of the key factors to be considered, for the enterprise apps. This involves transmission and storage of the content. Just encrypting the data is not sufficient as the organizations must be able to trust the vendors with an indexed and offsite approach to their internal conversation. It is better to have security services on corporate servers. The organizations can regain physical level control over their data with the premises-based model, which does not assure of enhanced level of security.

The best-in-class messaging apps works across a variety of use cases, benefiting organizations across a wide variety of industrial verticals. It is through these apps that your enterprise will reach the next higher level, and make them useful for becoming more agile as well as competitive.

Enterprise Messaging Apps

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