How to Creatively Market Your Website

With the constantly changing world and the rapid growth of technology, the market has come to our fingertips. The web is the new market.  Even if your business is not dependent on the web, but still a visible presence on the internet is of utmost importance. Be it a Hair Salon or a Doctor’s clinic, you are accessible and customers will know about your business only if you manage to come up on the top of their Google search. Google reviews and feedback on your website are the present forms of what we call “word of mouth”. The web is the new workplace. With this, the role of your business website is primal.  The website acts as the face of your business. It is the gateway to your business and is your most important business tool.

And this fact is not unknown. Every new business knows its significance and are making generous investments to strengthen the web front of their business. So, there is a huge competition out there with extremely dynamic players. When the website holds so much power, it is very necessary to have a good website i.e. user friendly, informative, pleasing, and appealing to secure your position in the business and to make your presence significant among your customers.

Now, having a good website isn’t enough, one also needs to make sure that the website is also visible and people are visiting the page. To ensure this, one needs to focus on marketing. For that, it is important to know what factors are helpful to increase traffic on the website along with strategies to convert the traffic into leads and further increase sales. But it doesn’t make the look of the website any less important, it is also necessary to make sure that the website is appealing enough to leave a mark on the customer making the website more reliable. It will bring the customer frequently to the website along with new traffic.

So, here is your complete guide to “how to creatively market your website” to ace the market:

Content is the king


It might sound over said but its importance makes it necessary to be mentioned. Your website needs to be informative, relevant, and interesting. It is one of the most important pillars of a successful website. It is one of the strategies that increase user engagement with the website and frequent visits. One needs to be very careful and creative with the content especially when it comes to written and visual content.

One should try to be crisp and at the same time informative. Unnecessary rambling will not take you anywhere. Images also should be relevant to the website and informative

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


SEO is your most powerful tool. Search engine optimization is the most important area to work upon when it comes to improving the visibility of your website. It falls under the strategy of attracting more crowd to the website. With the efficient use of SEO with appropriate keywords with the target customer base in mind, it will make your website appear in the top 3 of Google search.

Mostly, the top 3 websites appearing on the search get the maximum traffic and have high chances of convertibility in a lead and actual sales. It also makes it easy for the person to remember your website. Many businesses and websites are not very well aware of SEO are one of the main reasons for not reaching full potential. So, make sure while planning for website marketing SEO is given the primal role.

Website Interface


How does your website look? Is there too much spacing, too crowded, are the colours too bright or is too dull? Is the font size ok – is it too small that it gets painful, or is it too big that the user just keeps scrolling down?

Presentation is very important for people to come to your website and this strategy is really important to increase user engagement and frequency of visit. So, while making a website you should pay extra attention to how your website looks on different devices. It brings customers one step closer to visit your website and be a potential customer because they find it easy to use.

Incentive For Customers


Waiting for the customer to come is not the only way to go. Work needs to be done to bring the customer to your website. We all have many digital payment options these days with the wave of “go cashless” like Paytm, G-pay, amazon pay and many more. But which one do we choose usually? We choose the one which gives the most cash back, discount offers and coupons, etc.

Similarly, when the internet is filled with so many websites like working in the same business. To bring new customers and to keep the existing customers, you need to incentivize the customer to choose your website over others. Special offers like cashback, Black Friday sales, festive sales, online lucky draw etc. can bring a lot of traffic and assured sales to your website and also makes the customer loyal and regular to you. Good word of mouth is an added advantage.

Importance Of FAQ Page


As a business, being customer- friendly is very important. While the customer is on your website, and if come across any problem and have a question. The customer will not go through the trouble of leaving a comment, mailing to you, or will wait for the customer assistance provider to help him/her with the problem. A customer will easily switch to the other website, and maybe after a visit to few pages, the customer may eventually find the solution to his problem on any other website and you will lose a customer.

So, we need to make sure that all the queries of the customer are easily answered through the FAQ (Frequently asked questions). The FAQ section should be well developed and inclusive, such that it covers all the possible problems and solutions. This section must also be updated regularly as per any updates or any new problem faced by customers. Video links and images for the solution to the problem make it more useful for the customer. While developing the FAQ section, one must look into complaints and reviews.

Feedback Section


It is also necessary to take feedback from customers. It is really important when it comes to attracting future customers and represents your website’s credibility. Anyone, before using your website or making any purchases will look at feedbacks. It will help them get an idea about people’s take on your website and services. Now, the feedback section needs to be authentic so that people can get a wholesome picture.  If all the comments are flowery, it may make your website look unreliable.

Also, interaction in the feedback or comment section is important. If people have mentioned any issue or if anything they didn’t like. One must try to respond to such feedbacks addressing the issue. This represents the accountability of business towards customers.

Social Media Presence


Now, as we talked a lot about the importance of visibility for any website, so social media has a great role to play. An active presence on social media handles like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are really important. It gives you a reach to a larger customer base of varied fields. The crowd on social media is very diverse and usually bring customers that one can’t easily approach. A very active social media marketing team is a great strength for any business and it can increase the business many folds.

So with these few tips and with many other ways you can market your website and reach to a larger crowd and can build a strong customer base for your website and business. So, now is the time to improve your marketing game and be the champion of that market.

How to Creatively Market Your Website

Thomas Burn is a blogger, digital marketing expert and working with Techlofy. Being a social media enthusiast, he believes in the power of writing.

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