Build Beautiful, Interactive Surveys and Get More Responses with CuriousKaren

TLDR: With Curious Karen, you can ask quizzes, do an in-depth research, gather feedback, do lead generation and much more. Get CuriousKaren lifetime deal at just $39.

Customer feedback is extremely important but getting that feedback from your customers is some legit hard work. In this case what do you do? Email them with a Google Form link asking them the questions with a hope to get an essay worth of response? You are not doing this, right?

Being in the software industry we know how crucial it is to get that valuable feedback from your customers for your product or service but in a Smart Way! You surely don’t want your customers to yawn after seeing your survey form!

With the help of this tool, you can create a conversational survey just how your customers wanted it to be – Quick, Fun, and Interactive! This tool will make your customers share their feedback with you and help you increase the response rate than before!

Curiouskaren – Build beautiful, interactive surveys, and get more responses without any coding.

Let’s understand what Curious Karen can help you with?

This is an easy-to-use software that helps you create beautiful surveys with 10 different options literally in minutes! Welcome your users as if you are saying them Hello followed by a smart “Thank You” message at the end!

  1. Create Section and Polls related Questions
  2. Ask Multi-Choice Questions
  3. Multi-Select Questions
  4. Yes/No Questions
  5. Text Questions
  6. Rating Questions
  7. Opinion Scale Questions
  8. Ranking Questions
  9. Matrix Ranking Questions
  10. Scale Questions

More than these type of questions, these additional features make Curiouskaren more fun to use:

Small Talk – You can also add short human-feel responses to their responses before you ask them the next question.

For e.g. if the question is “Do you like an ice-cream?” After the user says “Yes,” you could want to say “Of course, who doesn’t?” or if the user says “No,” you could say “What??? I don’t believe it.” just before displaying the next question. This give a human-touch to your survey conversations!

Conditional Logic – Show completely different set of questions based on their responses. Based on what they click for e.g. either a Yes or a No, you can draft different set of questions followed by their response. Conditional Logic will direct the user to a completely different set of questions based on their responses.

Add Your Own Branding – You can tweak the design as you want, add your own logo, change the Avatar and link it to your social media sites like a pro!

Call-To-Action – Last but not the least, end your survey with a needed CTA that lets your customer take an action leading to more engagements.

Edit Survey – Edit the survey the way you want. It’s one-click and easy-to-use format will just take you a couple of minutes to complete the chatbot conversational survey!

Get the Analytics – Download the results and you can choose to make it public to let your users know or keep it private for your research. Make decisions based on your results helping you grow your business based on the user feedback!

To add more – Curiouskaren also allows to you create a short and quick NPS (Net Promoter Score) surveys to help you to determine how likely your customers are to refer your business to somebody else. Calculate and follow your NPS to see the improvement is your customer’s experience.

You don’t need to be a technical person to use Curiouskaren, just start building the survey and the rest is easy to follow. Run the task to make sure everything is working fine before you publish it!

Let your customer experience the interactive chatbot conversational survey over a fuzzy-form survey!


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