How Customer Experience Affects SEO

The first thing anyone does when they find out about your business is go and check it out online. What they see on your website is probably something that will help them make up their mind on whether to do business with you or not. A lot of things they encounter on your website will help them make a mental image about the way your business works, which is why you need to make sure it is as user-friendly as possible. As of lately, Google has realized the importance of this as well, which is why they started regarding positive customer experience as one of the main factors in page indexing and ranking.

How Customer Experience Affects SEO 2

Here are a few things you should know about SEO:

Quality Content

The first thing crawlers are looking for in your content is how quality it is. Sure, they are only a software so they lack a cognitive apparatus to pass this judgment, but there are several, more or less reliable, metrics that can help them out with this task. The first thing they see is how long does a user linger on the page. In case they clicking on the link leading to the content and then immediately leave, there is probably something fishy going on. It could be a click-bait or some other black hat tactic, as well as the possibility that your content is simply bad.

Another thing crawler learned from are the patterns set by humans. Every time an internet user rates something, search engines start looking for patterns that make them like or dislike the content in question. Sure, this may not be 100 percent reliable, but they have certainly come a long way since their humble beginnings. In other words, having a content that peaks people’s interest, so that they rate it with a higher grade or even linger longer on the page definitely improves your odds of getting better SEO rank.

Becoming a Brand

As you know, the key role of SEO is to improve your visibility online. While this helps build your brand, sometimes you should think the other way around. What you need is to build your online brand in order to help your SEO efforts. You need to start with a memorable yet impactful domain name. One of the problems with this is that with over 876 million websites out there, most names you can think off will already be taken. On the other hand, complicating your name with hyphens and numbers only goes to confuse your visitors, which causes frustration and therefore diminishes user experience. In this situation, you may want to consider contacting a naming agency to set you up with few solid ideas.

How Customer Experience Affects SEO 3

Enhanced Sharing

Some people pay others to link to their content, others use sly methods (like the aforementioned click-bait). Still, the best bet you have is to make people like your content and therefore share it on their own free will. By improving your overall user experience on your website, you will encourage others to make referrals towards you. In this way, every single visitor and client becomes a brand ambassador. While people tend to be skeptical towards ‘real people’ in the online environment and their ‘honest recommendations’, as soon as the number of people referring to a website increases they will appear much more genuine.


Having a great user experience is one of the keys to running a successful business. Seeing how now it improves your SEO efforts, it gives you a unique advantage over your competitors. First, it lures people to your website by helping it get ranked better on search engines, but later on, it makes them stay on your website and even helps turn them into loyal customers. A clear win-win scenario if there ever was one.


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