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Are you a type of an individual who is willing to make more than 100 phone calls per day, with an attempt to add qualified prospects to your sales pipeline? Cold calling today is always considered to have a safe place in the business world, and is a strategy that is really not worth considering. With a growing number of buyers interested in digital experiences, it’s high time to turn your time and attention to cold calling emails. Combining these with cold calling is one of the best option of both the worlds.

If email marketing strategy is still considered to be the most effective strategy, then does not it make sense to implement this into your sales plan mix as well? This is where the entire process of cold calling comes into play. Just as same as cold calling, you will have to contact the prospects without prior notice. The only difference here is that you will be using the cold calling method, and not the telephone. Given below are the 7 different strategies along with examples of each and sales person can represent.

Starting the sales call with a bang

Always begin your sales calls in a style. One study tried to figure out how they increase the room service tips for the waiters in hotels. And much to the researcher’s surprise, the waiters had to begin with positive comment. When hotel guests opened the door the waiters said, good morning and give a positive forecast for the day. Just this one simple and pleasant comment made by them increased their tips by 27%. How does this turn out to help you. Never ever have your sales call started with meetings, traffic or a busy day. Always begin it with some kind of positive comment or anecdote. Think of the great weather, fun planned weekends, or a sports team winning game. This in turn will help you kick more sales call on the right foot.

Believing in your own value

You have a value as an individual, or the product and services you are selling creating value matching it with the right customers. When people are convinced that you are offering them with some kind of a value, they are then unstoppable says Kadansky. If someone on the other hand is discourteous and not receptive it will not faze them. And if you don’t believe what you are selling has a real value then you should be selling something else.

Preparing an opening statement for your call

This generally helps you organize your thoughts before calling, helping to avoid the common mistakes in the opening giving the person the opportunity to terminate the entire conversation. For instance you should never be asking your customers is it the right time to talk? Or how are you feeling today? Do not read out your opening statements in the phone, instead try using it as a frame work to get the conversation off to a really good start.

Remember it’s not always about you

Your prospects are not interested in your products and services. What they generally care is about their problems and how they will be going ahead and eliminating them. Remember you are not selling the product, but selling them your solution says the CEO of Infinia Group a newyork based marketing and branding based organization. For example someone might go to the hardware store and say that they want to buy a drill dit, but instead what they really wanted to buy is a hole. The drill bit is nothing but getting what they want. You need to understand and know what problem you are solving with your product and services figuring out and selling.

Utilizing the online resources

There are so many tools that will help you out including the information sources like LinkedIn, Jigsaw, inside view and the last but not the least Zoom Info. Through Connect and sell you can even come forward and outsource your dialling blocking an hour to sit at your desk and only talk when prospects get connected. These are techniques that have helped us set thousands of sales appointment with strategic executives at targeted companies. Through a cold calling effort you can go ahead and propel the sales team to higher productivity bringing effective marketing results.

Keeping careful records

It’s obvious you will wish to keep a track record of each and every person who called, and when you called how many of them actually turned out and booked for appointments. Measuring your progress will not just help you in being organized but will also give you a better sense of accomplishment. While not all your calls might result you with immediate sales, but you can definitely get something out of it. Sobczak continues to say even if it’s more than the company information or the person’s name, just write down because it might turn out to be useful if you have an opportunity to follow up.

Use referrals in your voice mail messages

More often than not you will be reaching the voice mail rather than speaking to the prospects directly. And in order to increase the chances of getting a call back try, try to find a common connection whom you could mention about in the message before you leave. Social media sites like allow you to see the individuals you are connected to – a useful resource when looking out for referrals says Ritcher. So if you know someone who is connected with the individual you are calling then do not forget to ask if you know his or her name. You are almost going to get a call back when you have a referral being mentioned in the email.

To conclude

Follow these seven major steps that will help you maximize, generate better leads maintaining a long lasting relationship with their customers. So what was your first cold calling experience really like? Do join us in the conversation by leaving your comments in the comments section below.

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