Simplified Support Desk & Live Chat for Startups and Businesses with Desky

TLDR: Assign, Track, Prioritize, and Manage your customer support with Desky’s Helpdesk Ticketing System and Live Chat Platform. Get Desky lifetime deal at just $59.

When you start your business, the first priority is to get your business helpdesk and live-chat set up so that your customers can reach your easily. With absolutely no complex features, this tool makes your customer support system more simplified yet powerful. You can now have conversations with your customers in a much more orderly way.

Desky – A tool that lets you manage your support desk and live chat with ease. Desky is fresh and modern Help desk + Live chat for Startups, Envato authors, Freelancers, and business of any size.

So, what does Desky offer?

Desky is designed to make your support work faster for both – your customers and support agents.

1. Easy Ticketing System – Allow your customers to submit support tickets, and your support agents to manage them.

2. Live Chat – Customers love real-time support and getting answers to their questions on the spot.

3. Personalized branding – Have your homepage personalized just the way you want. Customize logo, color, and content.

4. Smart integrations – Find smart integration support for Envato, Slack, WooCommerce, and more.

5. Articles & Knowledge Base – Enrich your support with unlimited knowledge sharing articles to help your customers.

6. Powerful settings panel – Tailor your support ticket platform in all forms with Desky. Customize the look & feel, chat widget, forms, and lot more with Desky’s outstanding options to alter. You can personalize your customer’s experience with email templates. You can also create static pages to launch or for promotional uses.

7. Departments and Agents – Create unlimited internal departments and add support agents to collaborate on individual tickets.

8. Multi language support – Business are growing and from remote team members to offices in different countries, your employees can be located across the globe. Desky offers multi-language support. Customize your Desky with the language your customers are looking up. This in itself builds a better customer relationship for the company.

9. Notifications – Desky offers a customization option for notifications on your support portal. Users can get notified on several platforms like Email, Slack, Mobile app, web push, and Mattermost. You can customize which notifications are important to you and manage them from the settings.

10. Android & iOS mobile apps – Ace your customer support game with Android and iOS Desky app. Send replies, comment, and interact with your customers on the go. Track the progress of open tickets and notify your customers on the progress of their support requests. You can assign new tickets to your team from your phone.

11. Permissions and access control – Desky offers you a holistic control of options where you can decide who has access to what. By simply checking the permission boxes in the settings panel, you can grant or revoke permission to and from your team members(Roles). User can create multiple roles based on their choices and link it with agent accounts.

12. Reporting and Insights – Desky insights allow you to proactively review your support performance and improve the potential risks of unhappy customers. You can view monthly reports of tickets that are being attended by your team, solved tickets which are resolved by your team member from the department, and closed tickets.

13. Use Desky to supercharge your support system – Bring the best customer experience with Desky. To stronger team collaborations, faster responses, simpler conversations, and happiest customers.

What Makes Desky The Most Sorted Helpdesk?

Desky is the complete helpdesk system. Keeping simplicity as the key idea, you will find NOT all but JUST what you are looking for.

  • Ticketing System + Live chat = Seamless conversations
  • Native Mobile Android + IOS Apps
  • Simple, Fresh, & Fun to use for agents and customers both
  • Complete control over your support platform
  • Smart integrations to boost efficiency

Go through these small video clips below to know how simply yet powerful Desky can be for your business!

1. Adding note to your ticket –

Adding note to your ticket

2. Realtime Chat –

Realtime Chat

3. Replying a ticket –


4. Submitting a ticket –

Submitting a ticket -.

Plan and Pricing Details

$59 Plan (Unlimited Stacking):

  • 5 Agents Included
  • Ticketing System
  • Live Chat
  • Mobile Apps Android + IOS
  • Unlimited Stacking, Each Stack Code will add +5 agents to the same brand
  • All Future Updates Included
  • 60 Days Refund Policy

To get access to all these proven & power-packed features, Desky customers are paying $228/year for 2 to 5 support agents.

Today, you can get the Desky lifetime deal in just $59/one-time & use the product forever.

Desky Lifetime Deal Techlofy

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